Roadies: Journey in South Africa 9th and 10th April Episode: Partner Pairs, Task & Immunity Winners?

roadies journey in south africa immunity task winner episode 2

MTV’s promising reality show, ‘Roadies’ is back with its new edition, ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’. ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ first and second episodes will be telecast on the 9th of April 2022 on MTV. ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ first episode will feature a dazzling intro to the new host, Sonu Sood and the twenty contestants.

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This edition of ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ will feature ten ex-Roadies while the remaining ten contestants will be new faces, five boys and five girls. The new edition of ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ looks promising with some competitive players like Kevin, Ashish and Arushi.

‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ First Episode Highlights – Pairing List

The first episode of Roadies: Journey in South Africa kick starts with an amazing bunch of tasks and interesting twists. The contestants are paired mostly in such a way that the ex-Roadies and new Roadies join hands. However, the limelight shifts to the first task winner of Roadies which included two teams.

The pairs are as follows:

  • Kavya Khurana and Sidharth Manojj
  • Sapna Malik and Angad Bawa
  • Baseer and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma
  • Aarushi Dutta and Tanish Ghorpade
  • Sohil Singh and Simi Talsania
  • Arushi Chawla and Arsh Wahi
  • Yukti Arora and Nandu
  • Gaurav Alagh and Moose Jattana

‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ Second Episode Task Winners

The twenty Roadies contestants are split into two teams: Team Loyalty and Team Brown Munde. However, the first ever task of Roadies Journey in South Africa featured an intense battle between the two teams. Kevin and Baseer Ali entered into an argument and ugly fight as the two clans fought it out.

However, at the end of the task, Team Loyalty won the task.

Team Loyalty Contestants:

  • Kevin
  • Ashish Bhatia
  • Sapna Mallik
  • Sohil Singh
  • Arushi Chawla
  • Soundous Moufakir
  • Sakshi Sharma
  • Angad Bawa
  • Arsh Wahi
  • Simi

‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa’ Episode 2 Immunity Task Winners

Team Loyalty won the first immunity challenge of Roadies: Journey in South Africa.


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