RIP Sujith – Sujith Wilson passed away in borewell, officially confirmed and body retrieved, sent for postmortem

save sujith

Sujith Wilson is officially confirmed as dead by the collector an hour ago on the early morning of Tuesday 29th October, 2019. There was some rotten smell at the borewell around 28th October 10 PM and to confirm this medical team was rushed and NDRF, SDRF officials were seen to check on the official status of the child. The child was found in a decomposed condition.


Then it was confirmed that Sujith has passed away inside the borewell. He fell inside the borewell on Friday 25th October, 2019 at 5:45 PM and from that time the rescue operation was in full swing. With no food and water for four days a 2-yr old cannot survive, though he was held at 88ft in air lock method his body couldn’t survive the trauma and died, though his exact time of death is yet to be confirmed as the child is rushed to the hospital for postmortem and awaits report on other details.

Revenue Department chief Radhakrishnan has met press and officially confirmed this news. We at TheNewsCrunch is extremely saddened by the demise of Sujith. Share your views on the comment section, we will share information about his time of death and other details as soon as those details are officially available.


  1. Its is a shame on the Indian government that they couldn’t be effective enough on saving a two year old baby stuck in a borewell. India cannot be considered as a developing country.

  2. its shame, Narendra Modi BJP govt., and Edapadi AIADMK government.. you didn’t take action immediately, your operations are unplanned, your xyz teams are arrived gradually with laziness, you had no plan-b’s ready on hand, Your operation process and decision making is bullshit! It’s Shame, even though such disasters you had come across earlier, but had no disaster management organized and ready on hand, shame on India, we call as developed country.. the world now finds you in mid of Sahara desert!
    It unforgivable that you made big politics on this poor boy pushing him between 27 and 88 feet under your feet!

  3. Nobody can escape frm Sujith’s death….each and everyone among us have responsibility for Sujith’s death. pray for him isn’t enough for his death..or blame others isn’t the way to show your angry…we must show our angry in each every action towards the safe future.

  4. Shame on Indian government, the world now finds you in mid of Sahara desert!
    Edapadi, Vijaybasker and Modi!, It unforgivable that you made big politics on this poor boy pushing him between 27′ and 88′ feet under your feet!
    The bullshit media live!: Your arrogance is unforgivable; even you are ready to lie to senseless public that the borewell is 4 inches diameter (as an ant hole?)!
    National rescue team!, your boss should be executed you came with couple of old ropes which had no strength to carry 10kg weight and got broken when rescuing the 2 year baby, and of course we can’t forgive your Ram’s era your snake bite technology!

    • Dont talk rubbish thing boss. I was on the spot when they try to remove the baby at 26 feet on friday and also on saturday. The child could have died after 36 hrs, because after 36 hrs there was no sound, movement and sand fallen on baby.

      Even if the baby is muslim / hindu /christian had fallen into 6 inch dia borewell with reduction of dia to 4 inch dia after 30 feet, definitely it would have been difficult to take it out the child using that strong quality rope. I saw personally the tools/ropes it was so strong enough.

      People could have studied about the nature of soil from government records before took the decision. When baby at 26ft boreweel, IIT team could have been called and pull out the child where only 6 inch dia. That was the main mistake. Sure it was human error .

      Iam dead against Modi, as you do. But in this particular case, people worked beyond religion with human love and affection. We must appreciate.

      In case of 370 A article and kashmir, Modi was cruel and stupid. I am also with you in kashmir case. Iam against modi.

  5. We Sri Lankns too meticulously were watching the scene through news and social Media. This is a good lesson for all parents who reside near any borewells. Please don’t make your innocent children bait for your recklessness.

  6. In this case plz take help from other country in initial stage more than life attitude is not important when china can take 2 yr kind from 300 feet in half hr y not in India its shame on our part …………..

  7. In this case plz take help from other country in initial stage more than life attitude is not important when china can take 2 yr kid from 300 feet in half hr y not in India its shame on our part …………..

  8. It’s very painful when a life from God is been taken away by human mistake. I feel responsible to take care of the surroundings when kids r with us. N i please request everyone to take initiative in building human care around us..good deed should be the biggest passion.

  9. Carelessness.. Government should ask help from other countries like America and China.. They definitely can help.. I’m very sure if they were involved, sujith were be alive right now.. Remember when world no.1 cave divers were called to help kids who stucked in one of the cave in Indonesia..they werein the cave for many days without food and water one stage they deliver foods periodically while sketching a plan..all of them survived..meanwhile giving excuses for why failed to save the baby, think why you guys never think critically with expertise..

  10. RIP Sujith boy.I have no comments to say about the Indian government and the rescue team.It’s a total waste obviously.Ultimately,the boy’s family should be held responsible for letting a 3-year old boy play around that area knowing that there is a borewell.What’s the point of mourning now when they could have been more cautious.Or the least they could have done is to keep the borewell covered with something.Parents always be cautious with your children.This is a harsh reminder for every parents!!!

  11. Where was the mother when the boy was playing around that area??Why wasn’t the boy being watched by the parents while he was playing?What does a 2 year old baby know..My anger is with the parents.This is sheer carelessness!!!


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