RIP Juice WRLD: Never Heard Before Facts About Juice WRLD’s Family, Shocking Facts Revealed!

how did rapper juice wrld die

Rapper Juice WRLD passed away today 8th December 2019 at the age of 21 after suffering a seizure at Midway airport in Chicago, IL. It’s a shock to his fans and the rest of rapper world as he is one of the youngest upcoming rappers. Born Jarad Anthony Higgins, the talented rapper first burst onto the scene last year when his single “Lucid Dreams” lifted all the way to No. 2 on the Hot 100. It would turn out to be not only his breakout smash, but one of many hit singles over a very short period of time.

Juice WRLD’s Mother

  • According to previous interviews, Juice WRLD’s family was predominantly revolving around his single mother. He owed immense gratitude to his mom for making him what he is today.
  • Juice WRLD was very attached to his mother and revealed that he missed her during interviews.
  • Juice’s mother had a say in her son’s music preferences and ensured that he didn’t listen to rap. Rather, Juice’s mother wanted him to listen to gospel music!
  • Juice’s preferences were aligned to pop and rock which his mother allowed him to listen to.

Juice WRLD’s Father

  • Juice WRLD always described his father as “In and out” of his early teenage and childhood. A lot of information about Juice WRLD’s father is not revealed until today.
  • Juice WRLD’s parents got a divorce when he was just three years old. Ever since then, Juice WRLD’s mother took care of him and brought him up.
  • This is what Juice WRLD had to say about his father, “I moved around a lot. I wasn’t in the same place for too long… My mom, she’s been in my life the whole time, my dad would jump in and out every now and then. That’s pretty much how that went.”

Juice WRLD’s Childhood

  • Juice WRLD was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1998 and later moved to Homewood, Illinois.
  • In one of his interviews, Juice WRLD shared his troubled childhood experiences and how undermined the topic of mental health was among the black community.
  • Juice WRLD was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder in primary school. He was subjected to medication by his mother for the same.
  • Juice WRLD was addicted to drugs in his early childhood, which was as early as grade six.
  • Juice WRLD revealed that a lot of teens and kids are into drugs to get high, addicted and some do it just to look trendy.
  • However, Juice WRLD was sober and quit smoking cigarettes too.

Juice WRLD’s Girlfriend

Juice WRLD’s relationship life was with Ally Lotti, an Instagram influencer by profession.

  • Juice was quoted in the story as saying, “All my homies be like: ‘What you doing with a girlfriend? You got all this stuff going on. I love her, though. I can admit and say that I have feelings.” Juice did describe that it was difficult to juggle his relationship with his hectic schedule. It’s noted in the story that during in the interview, Juice had been “lavishing attention” on Lotti.



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