Revealed! Due to this, Kushal Punjabi was forced to commit suicide, here’s what his suicide note says

kushal punjabi suicide

Kushal Punjabi, the famous actor of TV, has died today. Even though the news of Kushal’s death has spread badly on the social media, till now, it was not revealed what had happened to Kushal, due to which he committed suicidfe. Right now Kushal was only 37 years old. He was very conscious about his health. Photos of Jim shared on social media are proof of this. Even after being so fit, nobody was digesting death at such a young age.

That is why, after this news comes out, TV stars are unable to believe it. When Kushal’s good friend Karanvir Vohra confirmed this, everyone looked shocked. Meanwhile, we have got such information about skilled Punjabi, which you will be surprised to hear.

It is being told that Kushal had a suicide note. The Mumbai Police has found this TV star’s body hanging from the fan. Not only this, a suicide note has also been recovered from Kushal’s body. It is believed that Kushal was in depression for a long time. Kushal Punjabi’s marriage was on the verge of breakdown. His wife moved to live with his son in Shanghai. Due to loneliness, Kushal took such a big step. Let us tell you that he married a European girl named Adri. They both also have a son. Kushal became a father in 2016.

Three days ago, Kushal has also shared a picture with her son on social media. In this shared picture, he is seen having fun with his son.



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