Ramya Pandian’s sister Keerthi Pandian shocks her fans with a glamorous photoshoot

Keerthi Pandian

One of the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil contestants is actress Ramya Pandian, and Arun Pandian is her uncle. Arun Pandian’s daughter Keerthi Pandian recently stared in the film ‘Anbirkiniyal’ and it has been well-received among fans. Though Keerthi Pandian is not famous like Ramya Pandian, her social media presence is well felt as she constantly interacts with fans.

In this position, Keerthi Pandian will is active on social and especially she has millions of followers on Instagram, and every photo she posts is well received by her fans with lots of likes and comments.

In this case, the photos from the recent photoshoot taken by Keerthi Pandian have been posted on her Instagram page. These photos are currently going viral on social media. Keerthi Pandiana, who played the role of a traditional girl in ‘Anbirkiniyal,’ has posed glamorously in this photoshoot. Fans are shocked by her transformation and are appreciating her efforts.

Will Keerthi Pandian take up more glamorous roles in her upcoming movie projects? We will have to wait and watch.


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