Ramya Pandian shares photo of her new BMW car, photo goes viral on social media

Ramya Pandian BMW Car

Ramya Pandian, one of the contestants who appeared in Bigg Boss Season 4 and Cook with Comali Season 1, has now bought a new BMW car. Photos of her being in this car are going viral. Ramya Pandian was one of the contestants who appeared in the season 4 show of Bigg Boss. It is known that she has been on the Big Boss show for more than 100 days and was praised as a ‘Singapenn’ in one of the tasks.

In this case, it was said that Ramya Pandian was paid Rs 75,000 a day on the Bigg Boss show and earned over Rs 75 Lakhs as she was on the show for more than 100 days.

In this situation, Ramya Pandian has now bought a BMW car. Her brother Parasuram shared this information on his social media page. It is noteworthy that Parasuram uniquely congratulated Ramya Pandian. Also, he said, ‘in 2011 you went on the 21G bus, and in 2021 you bought a BMW car. Good things happen to good people.’



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