Ramya Pandian’s comment on Shivani Narayanan’s glamorous photo on Instagram goes viral

Shivani Narayanan

It is noteworthy that Shivani Narayanan, one of the Bigg Boss contestants, left as a ‘Singapen’ at the last moment even though she was accused of only close to Balaji when she was at the BB house and didn’t interact much with any other contestants.

Shivani, who has millions of followers on Instagram before the Big Boss show, has been posting various beautiful photos of herself on Instagram since the Bigg Boss show to delight her followers.

The photo she posted on her Instagram yesterday went viral on a massive scale. It is noteworthy that this photo was taken by Ramya Pandian. Shivani Narayanan captioned the post as ‘Smiling Queen Ramya Pandian took this photo last night’.

Ramya Pandian praised herself on the first comment on the post, ‘What a brilliant photographer’. It is noteworthy that many fans have been posting various comments for this photo of Shivani dressed in the color of the AIADMK flag.


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