Rajasthan Student Union Election 2019 Results Winners List Updated

rajasthan student union election 2019 winners

Rajasthan Student Union Election results to be announced today August 28, 2019. The counting is in progress a day after polling was held at 101 polling booths at centres of Affiliate colleges. University sources have updated that election results will be out by 3 PM. Here are the details about Winners.

Rajasthan College Winners:

  • Rajasthan Student Union President – Roshan Meena
  • Rajasthan Student Union Vice President – Nitesh Chaudhary
  • Rajasthan Student Union General Secretary – Mayank Yadav
  • Rajasthan Student Union Joint Secretary – Ashok Kumar Meena

As of now ABVP is leading the voting result with 20 and NSUI is trailing behind by 10, while others are progressing with 16 places.

Government Law College Batrapur:
Infact Arvind Kejriwal has congratulated one of the winners of cyss candidate Manjeet Kaur on the post of General Secretary in Government Law College, Bharatpur and best wishes for a bright future.

All 98 boxes opened in Rajasthan University, rebel Pooja Verma leads from NSUI for the post of President, Nitin and Mahavir Gurjar clash for the post of General Secretary.

Kanoria College:
Kanoria College election results continue, Hina Vyas wins the post of President, Palak Dhaka wins the post of Vice President, Reena Buradak on the post of General Secretary, Nandani Vashistha wins the post of Joint Secretary.

Ravindra Kumar Jatav became student union president, defeated Atar Singh Gurjar by 83 votes, Sagar Sharma vice president, Ankit Singh Yadav became general secretary.

Maharaja Gangasingh University:
Maharaja Gangasingh University results declared, Independent Shravan Jakhar became president, winning 10 votes

Maharaja Acharya Sanskrit College:
Rahul Tiwari of Maharaja Acharya Sanskrit College was elected as president.

Law College of Bundi:
Aamir Mohammed has been elected as president of Law College of Bundi. He clinched the post by a margin of 20 votes.


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