Rain Water Harvesting is the Inevitable Option for People in Chennai to deal with the Crisis of Water


Water in most important for the survival and we are under a great crisis. As the shortage of water breaks in the city of Chennai, people have given up the hope of getting back the good monsoon days. Due to huge groundwater deficiency there are chances that people might have to vacate their homes in the coming days. The four reservoirs that supply drinking water in Chennai are almost empty. A Whatsapp video of people standing in long queue for drinking water in Madurai is being share. The video reveals the dire situation of the locals starving for water.

In order to survive in this situation it is best to opt for a very economical arrangement that is not only cost effective but also easy to setup. We all are aware of various ways to save water but how many actually make an effort to do so? In the current scenario it is important to realise that there is an urgent need to save water. One of the ways to do it is by the method of Rain Water Harvesting. In the current scenario, it can be a lifesaver for the people in Chennai and all around the world. It can be built anywhere, any building that has a roof.

Is it Budget- Friendly?

One of the biggest plus points of this method is that it can be set up with a cost of not more than 1500. The amount comprises charges such as drum, PVC pipe, cement, sand and labour cost. It is not only a cheap method but also beneficial for future generations. Here is how you can easily setup this method at your homes within a few hours. In fact follow these three steps and it will be done.

Step 1: Take a drum and pierce it at regular gaps. Add an L junction at its mouth and make sure it’s clean.

Chennai Water Crisis

Step 2: Place it in a pit that is surrounded with bricks and connect it with the pipeline that runs through the roof. Make sure you place filters at both the ends to ensure the water flowing in the drum if bereft stones and other impurities.

Chennai Water Crisis

Step 3: Cover the pit completely and it’s ready.

Chennai Water Crisis

The economical way to tackle the water crisis for the people in Chennai is Rain Water harvesting. It is easy to set up and beneficial as well. We must take steps to save more water for us and the generations to come. If you already have RWH set up at your home, recommend it to your family members, friends and others. The problem of water is our primary concern and we must solve it smartly.



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