Priyanka Reddy Murder Accused Photos released, How it all happened? Read here

priyanka reddy

Priyanka Reddy murder accused were caught by police within 24 hours using CCTV camera recording found at the spot where Priyanka Reddy stopped to check her scooty tires. Hyderabad police have arrested four accused, including the prime suspect,

  • a truck driver named Mohammad Pasha, Pasha hails from Narayanpet in Mahabubnagar district
  • Naveen from Gudigandla
  • a cleaner named Kesavulu
  • another cleaner named Siva

These are the photos of Priyanka Reddy murderers

According to multiple news reports, the accused saw Reddy parking her vehicle at ORR toll plaza at Tondupally and plotted to abduct her. Assuming she would return to pick her vehicle, the accused punctured the scooter intentionally. When the unsuspecting victim picked her vehicle, the accused pretended to help her with the flat tire and later dragged her behind a line of trucks. Meanwhile, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar told Sakshi that Shamshabad DCP N Prakash Reddy formed 15 special teams to probe the case. The police looked into CCTV footage near the toll gate and along the Hyderabad-Bengaluru national highway to help crack the case. A CCTV footage of the victim shows her talking to an unidentified person.

Thereafter, the accused allegedly tortured and strangulated the victim which was reported in autopsy report. The body was transported in a lorry along with her scooter to Shadnagar. Her body was then wrapped in a bedsheet, doused in kerosene and set afire.


  1. Enough of these March , protest . Ek rapist ko koi zeneka hak nahi . Bus bhoot hua maf karna rapping ke liye kue maffi . Mar dalo unhe . They should be hung on the fire in front all women OR uneh mai aag lagane wali Dr reddy ke ma yah behan hone chaye . Har bar maffi meli OR yeh iss ko majak samaj leye isleye OR rape hote HI rarah HI ek bar saja DE ke dekho koye bhi log ladki tatf aakh utha kar dekhe ge HI nahi rape karna durki baat. Ever Girl should a compulsory training for defense. My support is with Dr Reddy ‘s Family.

  2. Girls are human being not a toy
    Treat them with respect. She is not a machine to filfulfill your stave, India the land of values and traditionalism and know as the Holy Land but there are monsters who are killing hundreds and harming thousands and making millions of girls unsafe in they own homes. Girls don’t need men they can protect themselves and earn themselves a living but men need a women to look after everything. Instead of respecting them people are harming them

  3. If Government Does not want to change the law for rape here are the following options which can be implemented.

    1. Cut the organ with proper surgery and leave them after finishing jail term.
    2. Permanent Tattoo of “Rapist” on forehead with regular attendance at police to check the tattoo
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    All the culprits should be then lynched in open square infront of their female relatives

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  5. If the police would have responded she could have been saved.The prime accused are those officers who refused to take the case.when her sister approached the police why they haven’t taken the action immediately,Now the leaders are showing sympathy.Firstly warn these policeman to take the action immediately in such cases.Still the police department is responsible somewhere and the innocent girl lost her life in a horrible way.

  6. Hanging them or burning them is not the solution , You will burn or hang them today there will be 1000 more ,
    Yes i agree they should get punishment as decided by countries law, India needs reform specially in education to poor and all the sector of community ( it should be continuous and active process not just twitter hashtag, or campaign and after 6 months cool down until next incident happens ) . drug played an vicious role , those guys were drunk when they acted like monster , I feel very sad that this happen to her, no one can understand pain her family is going through , i hope her soul rest in peace,Amen

  7. Death penalty for these nasty men.To gang rape ,strangle and burn with no conscience whatsoever.Do much more for your one could be your mother or sister.


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