Priyanka Chopra gives a shocking reply about having kids with Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas about having kids

Bollywood heroine Priyanka Chopra said she wanted to have many children with her pop star husband, Nick Jonas. “Cricket Team!” The actress replied when asked how many children she wants to have.

She said, “I have as many children as I want.” Not a cricket team? ” The actress opened up about her hope for her future family in an interview with a magazine.

Priyanka and Nick got married in India in December 2018, just five months after their engagement. It has also opened up whether their different cultural backgrounds or age differences come between their relationship.

Neither of the two was an obstacle. Nick took to India like a fish, but like a simple couple, you have to understand each other’s habits and what you both like. So trying to figure out the obstacles is more adventurous. Nothing was complicated. ”

They discovered a new meaning in their relationship during the COVID epidemic.

“Quarantine gave us the ability to spend a lot of time together, which is really blessed with it. Because it is difficult to find that kind of time in both jobs, ”she said.

Priyanka, 38, continued to praise her 28-year-old husband for her support.

“It is very comfortable to find someone at your corner. Whatever you are in my career or how the world sees me, I am just a girl trying to live my life in the best way, and I am very grateful to have a partner to do that. “


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