Pregnant Sameera Reddy underwater photoshoot goes viral on social media

Sameera Reddy pregnant photoshoot

Sameera Reddy made her Tamil cinema debut with Surya starrer ‘Varanam Aayiram’. After that, she acted with Thala Ajith in “Asal”, later in “Nadunisai Naigal”, “Vedi” and “Vettai”. The couple currently has two children, Hans and Naira.

Following this, Sameera Reddy has been posting videos and photos about them on her Instagram. Thus, she has a lot of fans. In this situation, in 2018, Sameera was conducting an underwater photoshoot when she was pregnant for the second time. She also posted the photo on her Instagram and gave a heartfelt reason. This photo is currently going viral on the social media.

Actress Sameera Reddy in this post, “I weighed 105kg after my first baby Hans was born. Thus the child could not be properly cared for. I was also diagnosed with Alopecia areata. So my hair started to fall out in clusters. Following this, I became very depressed. I started crying often. In this regard my mother-in-law is having a beautiful baby. The husband takes good care of her. He has repeatedly asked me why I am crying. In this condition, I saw a homeopathic doctor. Only then was I able to lose weight.

Since then I have been posting a lot of advice on Instagram about child bearing and motherhood. But even such suggestions are often misunderstood. But despite all this, I bravely became a mother again and gave birth to Naira. She also said that he has been advising others on child-bearing on Instagram.”

It is also worth noting that actress Sameera Reddy and her child were recently diagnosed with COVID 19 and have since recovered from it.


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