Pokémon Sleep Will be the New Way to “Catch’em All”


The Pokémon Go fever in 2016 made everyone hop into their shoes. People were found on streets looking for their favourite Pokémon. The company made huge profits and good name through the game. One of the highlights of the game was the fact that it made people to come out of their homes and interact. In the latest Pokémon 2019 press conference the buzz for a new app called Pokémon Sleep was confirmed. Not much was revealed except for the name of the upcoming app. The officials said Pokémon Sleep will “turn sleep into entertainment.”

It can be said that the new app will focus on providing proper sleep to the trainer and their Pokémon. There will be special rewards for a trainers who have proper routine. The game is set to be released in 2020. Pokémon Sleep is really going to make other gaming apps run for their money. The company took to twitter as well to through some light on the upcoming app.

Pokemon Sleep

Why focus on Sleep?

It is interesting to understand why companies like Nintendo is focusing on ‘sleep’ as a sources of entertainment. We all are aware of how the trending games in the world today are taking away the nights of sleep. The abrupt sleep patterns of teenagers and adults as well is really an issue these days. It is because of this factor that the company has decided to make sleep a rewarding and entertaining part of the game. There are multiple problems that sleep deprived individuals face in initial as well as later stages of their life. Pokémon Sleep will not only solve such problems but also promote good health management habits. This strategy is seen as the golden egg for the days in future.

The UN has recently declared excessive gaming as a mental disorder. It can be said that the gaming business is going to face a lot of changes in the coming time. The Pokémon Sleep app is expected to monitor the sleep and routine of the trainers according to which it will grant access to battles and venture in the Pokémon GO app. There were statements released for a few other apps as well like Pokémon Masters, Pokémon Home and Pokémon GO Plus+ to make its way into the market in near future.

A Win-Win Situation

Pokémon Sleep has received a lot of love because of its assumed properties. While the release date is set to be in 2020, the market has already started reacting. It cannot be said that at some point we are going to have games that aren’t addictive. This is true because it’s the people who count for the popularity and usage. However, if the efforts are towards sustaining healthy habits and making the games fun to play, it will surely help in near future. Get your sleep patterns correct from now if “gotta catch’em all.”


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