PM Modi Addressing the Nation tonight at 8 PM. What to expect?

modi address to nation live updates

On 24th March 2020 at 8 PM, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on the corona virus outbreak that has been spreading across the country.

Modi tweeted that he will speak about the vital aspects relating to the menace of Covid-19. As of Tuesday there have been nearly 500 corona virus cases reported across the nation as been brought to our notice by the Health Ministry. The authorities have put almost the entire nation on lockdown as there seems to be no respite from the life threatening virus. The country has been banned of gatherings and all road, rail and air traffic has been suspended till March 31st.

Last week in his address, the Prime Minister spoke about holding Janata Curfew on the 22nd of March. It would be considered as a preview for the next few weeks. He has asked people to follow lockdown instructions and has urged the state government to take action against people who unnecessary venture outside.

The dangers of corona virus are known across the world. In today’s address we can expect more severe restrictions being put across the country. Considering the numbers increasing in India, this will be a logical move made by the Government. The overall country lockdown is important as a preventive measure. PM Modi is expected to shut down the entire country till further notice.
People have been taking the outbreak of corona virus across the country very lightly which has been proven wrong. PM Modi has asked people to avoid such a mindset and take the problem at hand seriously. It has hit many developed countries really hard and caused distress and we have to maintain preventive measure so that we do not reach such a bad state.

Narendra Modi has applauded the hard work of medical professionals, sanitation staff, delivery person, media personnel, and airline crews among many others who are putting their lives on stake and serving the citizens of this country. PM Modi received an overwhelming response for his appeal for self restriction.

The total number of coronavirus cases crossed 500 in the country on Tuesday. The decisions made by the Prime Minister to control this pandemic in our country will be known to us tonight at 8 PM.


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