Pleasantville High School Shooting New Jersey Live Updates – What Happened?

Pleasantville High School Shooting live updates

Multiple reports of a shooting at Pleasantville High School in New Jersey during Friday night’s playoff football game against Camden Central Jersey II. Video posted online showed an ambulance on the scene. Shooting erupted at a high school football playoff game in Pleasantville. Initial reports indicated at least two people were wounded, including a 10-year-old child.


Pleasantville High School Shooting New Jersey Victims

Did anyone die in Pleasantville High School Shooting which took place in New Jersey is not known yet. At least two people were wounded when a suspect fired a gun during the playoff game on Friday Night. During the third quarter, an unknown assailant fired about a half dozen shots from the Pleasantville bleachers, which sent those in attendance scrambling, as the played on the field sprinted away.

Where is Pleasantville High School Located

  • Pleasantville High School is located at 701 Mill Road. Atlantic City 911 tweeted out for locals to avoid the area while police investigate.
  • Police are directing traffic here at Pleasantville High after shots were fired during a football game.
  • The game started 7 p.m. A reporter with The Press of Atlantic City, who was at the game, said the shooting occurred in the third quarter, with Camden leading 6-0.
  • The teams played at Pleasantville’s field on Mill Road because the Atlantic County high school was the higher seed. It was the #1 seed against #4 seed Camden High.
  • The gunman fired about a half dozen shots from the Pleasantville bleachers in the third quarter, sending spectators ducking for cover while players from both teams sprinted off the field.
  • According to former Pleasantville athletic director Derek Carrington, who was watching from the other end of the bleachers, the gunman ran out of the stands and across the field toward the parking lot.
  • An unidentified female was carried into an ambulance on a stretcher while people screamed and cried.
  • An unidentified male was also carried out of the stands on a stretcher and was being attended to on the field by emergency medical personnel before being taken away in another ambulance.


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