Pattas FDFS Review – Dhanush is back with an electrifying movie, A perfect treat for Pongal 2020

pattas review

Pattas is one of the most expected Dhanush movie of the year 2020 with the winning combination of Dhanush and RS Senthil Kumar joining hands once again. Dhanush is taking the role of father and son in this movie and the sentimental and comedy portions of the movie have worked out very well.

Dhanush plays the role of father (Velappan) and son (Sakthi) with Velappan reminding us some part of Asuran and the flashback portion was a treat to watch. Sneha as younger Dhanush’s mother and older Dhanush’s wife has done well, though we cannot expect a Manju Warrier performance from her. The story of Pattas is as follows, Sakthi is a petty thief in Chennai slum and his unique style along with Ramdoss adds comic relief to the movie. The story is about how he learns the ancient form of martial arts Adimurai to fulfill his father’s destiny. Meanwhile, an evil man and his son challenge Sakthi for a kickboxing tournament, and Sakthi agrees to participate in it. Will Sakthi win and how he does that forms the crux of the story.

First half of Pattas is filled with comedy and the highlight is Chillbro song where Dhanush shows his unique dancing skills. The second half of the movie has many action sequence and has a contrasting theme where Dhanush has worked really hard to master the ancient form of martial arts. This movie is an example of how Dhanush can excel in any form of acting.

Pattas is doused with lots of family sentiments and it’s a perfect treat for families during Pongal 2020. We expect families to throng theatres to enjoy this movie.

TheNewsCrunch Rating – 3.75/5



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