On2Cook Shark Tank Deal Updates: Did On2Cook founder won a deal with Shark Tank Inidia?

On2Cook Shark Tank

On2cook is a revolutionary smart cooking device. Its founder Sanandan Sudhir has demanded 50 lakhs in return for 10% equity of his company in Shark Tank India. Featured in Shark Tank India is a revolutionary smart cooking appliance that completely changes how we cook. Combination cooking technology has been used in this cooking device, which has made it easy for the customer to cook.

In this, you can cook food very easily. The founders say that their cooking time is reduced with this product, and the user saves 30% of the cooking time. With smart cooking tools, you can save up to 30% of your cooking time.

Smart Cooking Device Company Name On2cook
On2cook Founder Sanandan Sudhir
On2cook Product USP save up to 30% of your cooking time with a smart cooking device
Ask ₹50 Lakhs for 10% Equity
Net Worth/Valuation ₹5 Crores

On2cook Shark Tank India Finale Episode Pitcher introduces a new customer experience of smart cooking with time-saving business ideas in Shark Tank India Upcoming episode. Healthy things are asked nowadays in every new food-related business. Will this product achieve business market fit investment with customer’s requirement and price in every way?

Will any of the Sharks make a deal with the team? In Shark Tank India Finale Episode, sharks will add value to On2cook by giving business expert advice. Let’s wait for tonight’s episode.


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