Nixen Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

Nixen Bigg Boss 7 Tamil contestant

Profile: Bigg Boss Nixen

Attribute Details
Birth Place Chennai
Early Career Acted in Thimiru Pitchavan starring Vijay Antony
Notable Achievements Transitioned to songwriting & rapping; collaborated with Mugen Rao
Famous Song Contribution Rap part in “Pattithottikalla”

Nixen’s Strategy in the Bigg Boss House

Nixon’s initial plan inside the Bigg Boss house was to lay low for the first two weeks, observing other contestants, and strategizing his next moves. He expressed his intentions to the show’s host, Kamal Haasan. However, Haasan raised a pertinent question regarding whether Nixon would actually get the time he’s expecting to lay low.

Notable Incidents

Soon after entering the Bigg Boss house, Nixon had a disagreement with Pradeep, the temporary captain of the house. The dispute revolved around the captaincy title, with Nixon challenging Pradeep for the role. Despite Nixon’s efforts, Pradeep Antony managed to retain the title, mainly due to his superior argumentative skills.


The entrance of Nixon has amped up the anticipation and buzz for Bigg Boss Season 7. Fans and viewers are keenly watching to see how Nixon’s journey in the house unfolds.


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