Netizens appreciates Aari Arjunan’s calm attitude inside jain in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil

Balaji Aari fight

Once again, a fight is brewing between Aari and Balaji inside Bigg Boss house, and their fans are starting to clash on social media. The Bigg Boss show has now completed 89 days. Fans are eagerly looking forward to knowing who will win the title as the finale will happen in 2 more weeks.

In this situation, Bigg Boss asked the housemates yesterday to nominate two less interesting people throughout the week. In which Aari and Balaji both went to jail as fellow contestants selected them. But going there, Balaji did not let go of his anger. He abused Aari with the word ‘Lazy’ and tried his best to provoke Aari.

Ari remained calm and responsive to him even when Balaji broke his microphone. The fans who saw this are awed by Aari’s calmness. They praised Aari for his calm as Balaji abused in anger, but Aari remained cool as if he were watching the POGO channel. Currently, both Ari and Balaji are trending on Twitter in India.


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