Netflix’s Into the Night Leaked Online? Trailer, Cast, Plot, Review, Unseen Pictures Revealed!


Into the Night is Belgium’s first Netflix original show. It is entertaining and if you love a good sci-fi binge then you have found the perfect series. With its short span of 6 episodes, the mini-series uses familiar dystopian themes but turns them into a novel concept of its own.

Using the dynamics of its characters, it slowly builds tension and leads up to a fairly buoyant conclusion. The show has been adapted from a popular popular Belgian author’s groundbreaking digital novel.

The cast includes the cream of European cinema. The show makes your mind race and it makes you have a tough time to catch on as it is so beautifully intricate.

Into The Night released on Netflix on 1st May 2020.

Into the Night Web Series Trailer

The airport that makes do of the primary setting in Into the Night is Skopje International Airport, located in the city of Skopje. Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia, a country located in Southeast Europe right above Greece.

Watch the trailer for Into the Night right here:

Into the Night Web Series Plot

The sun begins to mysteriously kill anything and everything that comes in its way. A commercial flight loaded with international passengers rushes against the sunlight in a desperate attempt to survive.

The real question being why was the sun killing all life that it would touch? A plane full of people find themselves trying to forge a path forward with fellow passengers who don’t even speak the same language as them.

Into the Night is based on The Old Axolotl which is a 2015 digital novel. It has been written by acclaimed author Jacek Dukaj. But viewers ought not to look up for the plot of The Old Axolotl has it may have a lot of spoilers within but that also hugely depends on how accurately the show has followed the novel.

Into the Night has been produced by Narcos producer Jason George.

Into the Night Web Series Cast

Into the Night boasts of a star cast that includes international actors including Laurent Capelluto (Black Spot), Jan Bijvoet (The Letter for the King), Astrid Whettnall (Close Enemies), Babetida Sadjo (And Breathe Normally), Pauline Etienne (The Midwife), Alba Gaia Bellugi (The Intouchables), Mehmet Kurtulus (The Protector), Nabil Mallat, Stefano Cassetti, Vincent Londez, Regina Bikkinina, and Ksawery Szlenkier.

How to watch Into the Night Web Series?

Into the night is a Netflix original web series that is the first ever series to be released on a platform like Netflix from Belgium. It is available for streaming on Netflix only.

To watch Into the Night you have to be a subscribed member of Netflix. Into the Night has been streaming on Netflix from May 1st 2020.

To watch the series follow the next few steps:

  • Download the Netflix app through Appstore of Playstore
  • Login to your account or subscribe to Netlfix
  • Search for Into the Night which has been streaming from May 1st 2020 onwards

Into the Night Web Series Leaked Online in Hindi and Tamil

Into the Night is a Netflix original series which will be released on Netflix solely. The series released on Netflix on 1st May 2020. This is the first Belgian series to be streaming on Netflix.

Into the Night is rumored to have been leaked online by pirated sites. The extent of piracy in India is at large and considering the current scenario, people have alot of time in their hands to conduct such illegal activities.

Into the Night will mostly be the next victim of piracy once it is released.

Websites such as movierulz, tamilrockers and cinevood have already announced that the movie will be available on their websites under the caption of ‘will be available soon’.

Modern day web series and online streaming platforms depend a lot on opening week traffic as a significant source of return on investment.

With the onset of Tamilrockers and other online web series streaming sites, makers and digital streaming partners face a haunting task of dealing with this situation in their hands.

Also taking into consideration the current economic status of the country, it is only through web series that the industry will be able to make money.

It should be taken into consideration is that in such times many people have opted for subscription of OTT platforms for the sake of entertainment purposes.

They will prefer to make use of the money spent rather than searching for a pirated mere 480P or 720P print version of the show.

Disclaimer: We at TheNewsCrunch condemn movie/ web series piracy and pledge for strengthening the anti-piracy laws across the globe and give due respect to the skills and talent of the actors and everyone involved in the digital entertainment industry. The Copyright Act, 1957 protects all type of music, songs, and videos, literary and artistic work. The Stop Online Piracy Act (STOP) is also one such act that restricts access to sites that host pirated content.


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