Netflix’s Dead to Me Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast Revealed!


Netflix has a number of shows that have found a soft spot in the hearts of the audience. Dead to Me started off with a fairly simple premise, but everything that’s happened since then is a constant reminder that regardless of what the original idea is, there’s no substitute for smart execution.

Currently there is no confirmation of another season to be released. But if the audience views on the second season is anywhere close to what it was in the first season then we have a winner. If so, a third season will definitely be on the cards.

Dead to Me Season 3 Trailer

The Netflix show Dead to Me is witty, edgy yet so emotional. It has been met with positive reviews from both the critics as well as the audience.

Dead to Me follows Jen (played by Christina Applegate) as she grieves the loss of her husband. While attending a grief support group, she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini), and the two women quickly bond.

Jen even goes so far as to invite Judy to live at her home with her family. That’s when the plot gets spicier. All their secrets come out .

At this point of time, there’s no trailer for Dead to Me’s third season. The trailer for the first season was dropped on 1st April 2019, a little over a month before the show’s 3rd May launch, and we similarly got a first look teaser for season two on 10th April 2020, around a month ahead of the show’s 8th May comeback.

Until the trailer of season three releases, watch the trailer of Dead to Me Season 2 here:

Dead to Me Season 3 Plot

The thickening of the plot lies in the relationship between Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini).

The first season saw their relationship hitting a lot of obstacles considering the fact that Judy was driving the car in the hit-and-run death of Jen’s husband. The shocking moment that concluded that season, however, has turned into a propulsive force to power the show through season two.

The exceptional writing has risen to the occasion and proved that the script is indeed king. Impressively, those surprises incorporate Jen’s kids, avoiding the annoying-teenager trope that often finds its way into such exercises.

Although each of the characters finds new romantic possibilities, the heart of the series remains the interaction between the tightly wound Jen and the free-spirited, take-life-as-it-comes Judy.

Dead to Me Season 3 Cast

The cast will be retained in Season 3 as well. Given they are very much right at the heart of the series, it seems unlikely the show could continue without Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. They can be banked on being the lead in case of a potential third season.

How to watch Dead to Me Season 3?

Dead to Me Season 3 is a Netflix original series which will be available on Netflix only. To watch Dead to Me Season 3 you have to be a subscribed member of Netflix. Dead to Me Season 3 will be streaming on Netflix when it releases. To watch the series follow the next few steps.

  • Download the Netflix app through Appstore of Playstore
  • Login to your account or subscribe to Netlfix
  • Search for Dead to Me Season 3 ( Watch Dead to Me Season 2 until Season 3 releases)


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