Netflix’s Betaal Leaked online to download by Tamilrockers, Telegram? Trailer, Cast, Plot, Review, Unseen Pictures Revealed!


When you hear that two of the biggest and best platforms for content are collaborating it ought to be good news. Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment owned by Shah Rukh Khan have come together for yet another venture. Their previous outing was Bard of Blood which released in 2019.

Betaal is a coming of age series for the Indian market, it heads India into a new genre which is zombie horror. Betaal is backed by big names like Patrick Graham, the creator of Ghoul. He is the co-director and co-writer as well. Nikhil Mahajan and Suhani Kanwar serve as Graham’s co-directors. Betaal has a total of four episodes, each episode being 50 minutes long.

Betaal marks the fifth Netflix original series to be released in India this year. 2020 has so far been disastrous for everyone but we got to say the content being brought out is marvelous. Betaal will release on May 24th 2020 which is an auspicious day being Eid.

Betaal Web Series Trailer

The trailer of Betaal was released by Netflix in the second week of May. The genre is new for the Indian audience and has garnered alot of attention. The trailer sets the platform for a zombie horror series as well as introduces its major characters. There was only one trailer released by Netflix for Betaal.

The Betaal trailer introduces the lead cast Vikram Sirohi (Viineet Kumar), DC “Ahu” Ahluwalia (Aahana Kumra), Commandant Tyagi (Suchitra Pillai), Jitendra Joshi, and Puniya (Manjiri Pupala). The haunted mountain of Betaal has been excavated in modern times to re-open a tunnel.

The Counter Insurgency Police Department have been attacked by a cursed undead British officer and his team of officials as the CIPD try to excavate the blocked tunnel.

Watch the trailer of Betaal here:

Betaal Web Series Plot

Betaal is the anglicized version of a Marathi word. A folk deity in the Konkan region of India is known by the same name. It refers to reanimated corpses better known as zombies which originally reside in the dark tunnels underground and foresee futures.

The story revolves around a team of officials from The Counter Insurgency Police Department. They have been given the task to displace the natives of the Campa forest. This is being done to make way for a highway to be built.

During this process they come across the Betaal mountain from which zombies are revealed. The CIPD team are attacked by these zombies headed by an undead British officer and his officials as they try to excavate a blocked tunnel.

Betaal Web Series Cast

Every character has a story to tell and it is more vital for the actors to seep into their characters to narrate the story Viineet Kumar plays Vikram Sirohi, the second-in-command of the Baaz squad of the CIPD. He had to undergo intense trailing to carry the uniform he was wearing with valor and pride. There was ammunition involved in the training to make the character believable.

Aahana Kumra plays DC “Ahu” Ahluwalia. Ahu has a huge scar on the right side of her face. For an actor to agree to put on a prosthetic piece speaks so much more about her dedication towards the role. The scar is a part of her character and makes the audience realize there is so much more to be revealed.

Suchitra Pillai plays Commandant Tyagi, the leader of the CIPD; Jitendra Joshi plays Ajay Mudhalvan, a political fixer; Manjiri Pupala as Puniya, a tribal woman and Syna Anand as Ajay’s daughter, Saanvi Mudhalvan.

Other than the major characters there are minor characters as well for Jatin Goswami as Assad Akbar, Siddharth Menon as Nadir Haq, Yashwant Wasnik as Sarpanch, and Savita Bajaj as Mausi.

How to watch Betaal Web Series?

Betaal will be streaming on Netflix from May 24th 2020. Netflix bought the rights for the show hereby giving it streaming rights making Betaal the fifth Indian original show to be streaming on Netflix this year. Betaal is filled with mystery and intrigue and moreover welcomes a new genre into the Indian media platform .To watch Betaal follow the next few steps:

  • Download the Netflix app through Appstore of Playstore
  • Login to your account or subscribe to Netflix
  • Search for Betaal which will be streaming from 24th May 2020 onwards

Betaal Web Series Leaked Online

Betaal is an original Netflix series which was to be released on the said OTT platform itself. The release date for Betaal being May 24th 2020. The show has garnered alot of interest within the audience due to its unique storyline. The trailer has spiked up the interest and the revealing of characters in that manner has only made it all the more popular before the audience. People are eagerly awaiting to see what this new genre means for Indian platform.

Betaal is rumored to have been leaked online by pirated sites. The extent of piracy in India is at large and considering the current scenario, people have alot of time in their hands to conduct such illegal activities. Betaal will mostly be the next victim of piracy once it is released.

Websites such as movierulz, tamilrockers and cinevood have already announced that the series will be available on their websites soon. Many of the viewers are keen to watch the show as it is a whole new concept being divulged before the Indian audience.

Recently we have been getting into horror but a zombie horror series is relatively new for the Indian market and it is a subject of interest.

Modern day web series and online streaming platforms depend a lot on opening week traffic as a significant source of return on investment. With the onset of Tamilrockers and other online web series streaming sites, makers and digital streaming partners face a haunting task of dealing with this situation in their hands. Also taking into consideration the current economic status of the country, it is only through web series that the industry will be able to make money.

It should be taken into consideration is that in such times many people have opted for subscription of OTT platforms for the sake of entertainment purposes. They will prefer to make use of the money spent rather than searching for a pirated mere 480P or 720P print version of the show.

Disclaimer: We at TheNewsCrunch condemn movie/ web series piracy and pledge for strengthening the anti-piracy laws across the globe and give due respect to the skills and talent of the actors and everyone involved in the digital entertainment industry. The Copyright Act, 1957 protects all type of music, songs, and videos, literary and artistic work. The Stop Online Piracy Act (STOP) is also one such act that restricts access to sites that host pirated content.


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