Netflix India’s Original Maska Leaked Online For Download on TamilRockers and Torrent Websites. Will this affect viewership on Netflix? Maska Movie A Hit or Flop?


Netflix announced that Netflix India would be releasing its next original on 27th March 2020. Maska is a Hindi language film that has been written and directed by Neeraj Udhwani. The film stars Manisha Koirala, Javed Jaffrey, Nikita Dutta and debutants Shirley Setia and Prit Kamani in the main roles. the film revolves a boy who has a dream of becoming an actor until he meets the girl of his dreams who helps his discover his reality. Parsi boy Rumi, from the dreamy South Bombay wants to create a place for himself in Bollywood. But his mother wishes that he could take over the family business, an Iranian café called Rustom. She can give everything to her son once he agrees to take over the business. He decides to sell the café to achieve his dream.

However, what came caross as bad news for the makers of Maska, a Netflix original film was that TamilRockers, a leading torrent site for downloading and streaming ovies had already leaked the movie online. Herein it would be available for free.

Maska’s cast includes Manisha Koirala, Shirley Setia, Prit Kamani, Nikita Dutta and Javed Jaffrey

Will Maska’s Tamilrockers Movie Download Release Affect Netflix Viewership?

Maska was scheduled to release earlier but the makers thought it was apt to release it on 27th March 2020. And rightfully so. Taking into consideration the current times people are eagerly waiting for new shows and series to stream so that they can drown away the boredom. Maska was set to refurnish the Parsi community living in Mumbai. Parsi cafes have always been immensely popular for their charm and brilliant food and the film was to promote such aspects. The film was even promoted on To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star, Lana Condors India travel blog. This gave them a wider audience. But unfortunately, he film was leaked on one of torrent most famous links Tamilrockers. The film can be streamed as well as downloaded for free. This will reduce the viewership of the film on Netflix. When a movies is available for free no one would want to attain subscribership to a platform where they would have to pay. This could be a blow to Netflix as well as the film Maska.

Maska Netflix Movie Leaked

Another problem that arises is that the inner world of the Parsi community which was meant to be the heart of the plot remains largely outside the pale of the mother-son drama. Their eatery Café Rustom, which is meant to be 100 years old. This eatery is manned by the Diana who has infectious enthusiasm. The place does not live up to the feeling and expectation you have from a café that has been around since 1920, as per what the board says.

Maska Movie Download Netflix

While most turn towards Netflix for a feel good film or a film that will appease to their current mood. The leak will definitely impact the portrayal of Maska to the world. People who are able to watch the film through streaming it on Tamilrockers aren’t very pleased with the result. This could play a part in people moving away from subscribing to Netflix or watching Netflix India Originals.

Maska Leaked Movie Review

A movie that seeks to take away the pain and boredom during lockdown cannot be filled with fluff that just adds to the boredom. Maska manages to balance between nothing overtly unlikeable and non irresistible delights. Screenwriter Neeraj Udhwani’s directorial makes for a light watch.

Playing a major character in the movie is Manisha Koirala. She is endearing as a mother who has done a great job with getting on top with her character’s Parsi diction. Unfortunately the screenplay skims through the surface of the milieu the film is set in. Maska highly lacks the reassuring warmth of a feel good drama that it ought to have had. It does boast of a lively soundtrack but does not really grasp.

The focal point of the story is Manisha Koirala’s 19 year old son Rumi. Manisha who is a widow who runs the family’s Irani café post the death of her husband. The young boy has Bollywood aspirations and has little interest in taking over the family business.

The setting of Maska is either at Diana’s home or workplace and the other is the world where aspiring actors struggle to break into the movie industry. It even deals with the rejection that these struggling actors. However where the film lacks is that it doesn’t offer any real insights into either of the two areas that are integral to the city of Mumbai. Preferring a convenient this-far-and-no-further approach in exploring the struggles of the two principal figures – a woman determined to cling on to the cafe and a teenager fixated on chasing his starry dreams.

Rumi is a stereotype of Parsi males who are considered to be mama’s boys. He is said to have magic in his fingers which sort of explains why his place is in the café and not in the studio. Maska provides another brief flash of this irreverent spirit when a producer tells Rumi that the movie they will soon make together will be an honest effort, not Bollywood show. The rest of Maska is nowhere near shrugging off the grip of the conventional.

The male protagonist’s dead father is the narrator for part of the film. He then, all of a sudden, begins to appear in person and deliver pep talks to Rumi over matters concerning the heart and the libido, which can be seen to Rumi only.

The bits and pieces of Maska that work do not eventually fuse together to deliver a convincing whole. Prit Kamani conveys the confusions of a teenager well enough and is believable in his role. He is well supported by Nikita Dutta, who plays a divorcee and Shirley Setia, the young Parsi girl is convincing for a debutante. But the cast, and this includes Manisha Koirala, is unable to break free from the film’s formulaic, staid construct and whip up a cinematic repast to savor. These kind of reviews do not go down well with the viewers and will prevent them from heading to Netflix in the future. They prefer to stream movies for free rather than paying for subscription.


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