Netflix India’s Next Original Maska: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer Revealed!


Maska is a rom- com from Netflix that is all set to release on 27th March 2020. The film stars Manisha Koirala, Shirley Setia, Nikita Dutta and Prit Kamani. Neeraj Udhwani is making his directorial debut with Maska. He had announced the film in April 2019. The movie is a beautifully crafted story of how big dreams and delusions have a thin line between them. Neeraj Udhwani has earlier directed the hit TV show Yeh Hai Aashiqui. The film is produced by Mutant Films and is written by Udhawani along with Ishita Moitra. The first look of the film features a teaser of the Maska Song. The film intends to explore the rich Parsi heritage of Mumbai. The cuisine is world famous but the people are just as interesting.

Maska Trailer

Netflix released the trailer for Mask on its YouTube channel. The trailer shows a nice synchronization between Preet Kamai and Shirley Setia. The story is based on these two characters. The film teaches how success comes to those who dare to dream. A young boy wishes to become a superstar but on his journey he meets a young girl. He falls in love with her and that same girl teaches the different between dreams and illusions. There is a thin line between them and once he acknowledges that he sees life differently.

Maska Plot

Maska revolves are a confused millennial Rumi whose current motto in life is that success is fed to those who dare to dream. He sets on a journey to turn this dream into reality. His deepest desire is to fulfill his dream of becoming a movie star. But this comes to a standstill when he meets Persis. He falls in love with her and she helps him develop as an individual. She makes him realize that the line between dreams and delusions are so fine that sometimes they blend and we can’t find the difference between the two. Post this he discovers his purpose in life and looks at life through a clearer lens.

Maska Cast

There could be no better suited cast as which Maska boasts of. It consists of powerhouse performer Manisha Koirala who dons the role of a Parsi woman for the first time. In key roles there is singer Shirley Setia, Nikita Dutta, Prit Kamani. Each plays their character with uttermost dedication which is shown onscreen.

How to Watch Maska ?

Maska is the fourth original that India hasgiven to Netflix. It will be available on Netflix from 27th March 2020. To watch Maska follow the next few steps

  • Create a Netflix account or Login to your existing Netflix account
  • Search for Maska
  • Watch the Netflix India original


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