Netflix Glitch Season 2 Release Date: Is the KoreanGlic Series Renewed or Cancelled?


Glitch is a sci-fi k-drama, released on Netflix, with numerous interesting plots along with amazing characters! Season 1 has already been finalized and now,  the glitch fans are waiting up for another season ( season 2), with the continued story line. 

Glitch Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

Season 1 consists of several theories in it. It talks about aliens and cults happening in society! It also talks about psychological issues in humans. Overall, it is also a psychological thriller series. Now, the question is, ” Are the makers of this k drama series going to set up season 2 and present it to the fans or not?”, ” When can the glitch fans predict to see season 2?”, and,” What will be the story, suspense, and mystery for season 2?”. For all these questionings of glitch fans, we are here writing to make a reply to all these.

In season 1, the fans watched Ji-Hyo have a lot many secrets from her childhood that are still moving around her. They also got to watch the interesting friendship between Ji-Hyo and Bo-Ra. Having these both together as a team gives the glitch fans a spice of comedy and fun! In season 2, the fans can expect their friendship again, solving the problems and allowing the viewers to stick to their screens!

Fans can also expect some more secrets and they may get solved in the upcoming season! Season 1 finalized with no explained finishing off. So, there are multiple theories for the next one! Or, one can also expect a whole new storyline.  That will also be FUN to watch!

Glitch Season 2 Release Date

However, there is no official notice from Netflix’s side which will confirm the viewers about the upcoming season. Apart from all these, one can expect the next season, next year. And that can be a surprise from the makers of the Glitch, as a new year’s gift, to their fans! According to reports, Glitch Season 2 will release in October 2023.

The dates also depend on the fact that the casts are doing any other shows at the moment or not! There are several other factors on which the date of release will depend. However, the makers may also allow some of the new faces in season 2 with a whole different story! That will also hook the fans to the story. According to the ending of season 1, there is a maximum probability that the lead actress Ji-Hyo and her friend Bo-Ra, are going to stay in season 2.

Fans are also waiting for the trailer for next season to get an idea of the story. Any latest updates regarding the Glitch season 2, will be updated to the glitch fans. 


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