Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan TikTok Video – First exclusive Tik Tok video of Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan, hot couple in Kollywood

nayanthara vignesh shivan tik tok

It was reported that Vignesh Shivan Nayanthara, who had been together, had suddenly split up but it was a rumour. Nayanthara’s love for director Vignesh Shiva is one thing everyone knows. It is reported that the two will soon be married. He was also asked about his spiritual journey and he reported that he has gone for peace of mind.

In the meantime everyone is staying at home due to Coronavirus which is terrorising most of the countries. Many countries are trying to find the virus. They are also raising awareness through social websites. One of them is the Guesture Challenge, which is the culture of the hand Smileys hand in hand, including Premji Smiley. They have done this in a bed, Tik Tok.

Now the Prime Minister has ordered that everyone in the Corona Virus be at home. The two lovers have been working together on TikTok. Vignesh Shiva is being warned by fans to watch “Mammawasa Hands Up”.


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