Narcos Mexico Season 3: From Release Date to Casting and Storyline Everything We Know So Far!


Narcos Mexico is an American crime drama web television series which is premiered on Netflix. So far, we have two seasons and the audience is fully hooked! The demand for season 3 is high among the fans as they continue to binge-watch the first two seasons. Here’s all about season 3 of Narcos Mexico.

Casting of Narcos Mexico Season 3

It looks like we will be witnessing a few new faces in the season as reports suggest several casting calls are being made.

Scoot McNairy will be back as the DEA Agent, Walt Breslin.

Flavio Medina may return as Juan Abrego of the Gulf Cartel.

The return of Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo is highly improbable.

It remains to be seen whether Tenoch Huerta, Joaquin Cosio, and Teresa Ruiz make an appearance on the 3rd Season.

Storyline of Narcos Mexico Season 3

The second season ended with Felix telling Walt, “Now you will see what occurs when the cage cracks open and all the animals run free.” If we are to go by this line. It sets up the tone for all that we might get to witness in the 3rd season. The end of Felix did not mean the end of drug trafficking in Mexico. The animals (plaza owners) who are now individual cartels will run amuck and lead to the downfall of one and another.

The executive producer of the show Eric Newman randomly said that Amado Carrillo Fuentes could be the next drug lord with Felix Gallardo behind the bars. Amado in the last season took charge of Juarez Cartel after killing Rafael Aguilar Guajardo.

Season 2 saw the end of Félix Gallardo’s reign as drug lord of Mexico. He is captured and taken into custody for his crimes. But is this the end of Félix? After being captured Félix told his adversary Walt (Scoot McNairy) that, by capturing him, he’s only caused a bigger problem: “Now you’ll see what happens when the cage breaks open and all the animals run free.”

“We all know how that ends; it just continues to accelerate into the chaos, which is very much the theme of this season. And so, to end with a moment where you realize we’ve accomplished nothing except for unleashing these animals, for the most part, [allows us to] begin the next chapter in the drug war, over which we’ll have less control than we had previously.”, said show’s executive producer Eric Newman.

Release Date of Narcos Mexico Season 3

As the usual policy of Netflix is that it usually takes a month or month and a half to announce any further information after the end of a season. We can expect an official during this month. If the reports are to be believed the filming for the third season will begin in the next month. As per the calculation the third season of Narcos Mexico might be released in the summer (May) of 2021.



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