Naagin 5 Written Update 19th December 2020: Sparks of Love between Veer and Bani!


Bani cannot stop thinking about Veer’s behaviour at the party. Jay comes in with a first aid box to help her out but an enraged Veer takes hold of the box and flings it out. He yells at Jay and tells everybody to leave him and Bani alone. He straight up accuses Jay for taking his wife away from him. He tells him to maintain a distance from his wife. Bani goes up to him and tells him to apologise for his behaviour. She yells at him and is gradually transforming into her nagging figure. She yells at him and he yells back. He tells her that she will have to pay for her behaviour.

Balwant cannot control his delight that Veer is against Bani. Bani cannot stop thinking about how Veer behaved with and she is inconsolable. She wonders what made him so bitter. She tells Veer that she has lit candles to show how sorry she is. She tells him about how apologetic she is and wants to earn his trust back. Veer comes up to her and looks into her eyes with love. He blows the candles and apologises to her for his behaviour. He says that he should not have spoken to her in that manner. Bani tells him to forget everything. He tells her that he might behave like a stone hearted monster because he does not know what it is to feel love. He promises to be with her always and asks her to move past their fight.

Veer wants to create a spark with Bani and takes her out on a romantic dinner. He gives her alcohol to drink and even sways with her on some romantic numbers. Balwant’s search for Maarkat continues. He takes the help of Dishasuchak to find Maarkat. Veer and Bani have a romantic night and it doesn’t end there for them. Veer and Bani get drenched in rain and love is surely in the air. She shows him her hand and the ‘V’ that is written on it. She looks at him so he understands what the ‘V’ symbolises for. Veer is all the more impressed by this.

Maarkat tells Balwant that she will do whatever he asks as long as he enables her to be free. However much they try, Balwant and the other men are unable to remove the creeshul for Maarkat. They turn their backs against her and move past her. On the other hand, the next morning Veer wakes up and seems to have changed his mind, he tell sBani to leave. He brutally insults her and asserts that he never wants to see her again. Bani is shell shocked at these developments.

Precap: A baffled Bani is wondering and asking for help to understand what went wrong with her husband


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