Naagin 5 6th December 2020 Written Update: Potential Twists and Spoilers for This Episode Revealed!


The Naagin 5 episode on the 6th December will be a treat to watch for the audience. This episode will feature the prowess of ‘Aadi Naagin’ known by the name Baani. Lord Shiva appears in front of Baani and gives her the confidence to deal with ‘Maarkaat’. Veer continues to worry about Bani and the different perspectives of Veer will be on display on the Sunday episode this week.

Naagin 5 6th December Episode Written Update: Baani’s Superpower, Dream and the Outcomes

Baani gets her prowess after entering the door of mystery. However, there are multiple plot twists that are possible with the direction of Baani’s inner calling.

Then after entering in mysterious door Baani got the superpower that she can know about someone’s telepathy or any trouble. It totally depends on Baani’s decision that how will the story go ahead. Baani wakes up from her dream while she visualized entering the water in the dream. There will also be some love drama between Baani and Veer after which she confesses the incidents of her dream with Veer.

Baani shares the blessing which she received and also the powers of it. She explains to Veer that she can foresee any problems from the future and look at ways to resolve them. However, Guru maa asks Baani not to take the powers of her new blessing lightly. Considering that the blessing comes with its own risks, Guru maa warns her about it. Baani saves her family and ‘Markaat’ vanishes but there are not enough spoilers to warrant if ‘Markaat’ will return again.

Taapish and Meer’s wedding will be the other highlight of this episode. While the wedding scenss bring joy and happiness, there is another problem lurking around. Snakes and eagles will combines their forces with ‘Markaat.

The upcoming episodes of Naagin 5 will be entertaining one and will set the tone for the next week’s episodes. The TRP ratings of Naagin 5 are excellent and the upcoming episodes will continue to spell success for the show.


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