Naagin 4 Update January 18: Dev Falls for Brinda as She Realizes Her Powers

Brinda wins over Dev's heart as Nayantara commands her right over him.

In the latest telecast of Naagin, Nayantara was seen striving to kill Brinda as Dev arrived just at the right time to her rescue. After failed efforts, Nayantara takes a dip into Dev’s brothers’ plan and locks Dev and Brinda in the room while the former tries to handle Brinda who is under the effect of rum-based cake.

In the next week’s episode, we will see how Dev manages to control the media and escape from the scene. Taking advantage of the fast-spreading news, Nayantara will be seen playing her ardent phase where Dev’s mother will seal the deal by promising Dev to Nayantara.

Brinda’s Realization of her Powers

While Dev will be seen registering his love for Brinda, the latter will realize her worth and remember her revenge as she recalls her story and her enemies.

For a simple girl like Brinda, we are keen to see how she will perceive her realizations and deal with the physical and mental trauma around her life-changing story.

Who Changed Manyata’s Daughter

By the last episode’s story-line you might be in the illusion of the Pandit changing Nayantara with Brinda but as the show proceeds ahead we will see how the tables turn. This will come as a shock to the viewers as it will be revealed that the person who changed Manyata’s daughter was nobody but her husband, Keshav who had married her in covetousness for the Naagmani.

Where’s the Naagmani

Till now, the only mention of Naagmani came up as Nayantara assumed Dev to own it but the story was contradicted by Manyata as she gave reasons to refuse the claim. The mystery of the Naagmani will soon be cleared as Manyata will be found guarding the precious Naagmani which is placed below the Laal Tekri Temple for which she was betrayed by Keshav.


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