MTV Supermodel of the Year 5th January Episode Breaking News: Malaika Argues with Milind, DJ Bravo enters the Runway!


MTV Supermodel of the Year is on its way. Last episode, the judges got to know their Top 10 contestants. They asked them questions about their lives and also opinionated about how they look or how they shall be groomed all together. The contestants will be living in a small house all together. They will have to perform indoor and outdoor shoots in order to get good scores. Their scores will be shown on a big screen in their house.

Drisha’s Haircut Journey

Malaika Arora questions about Drisha’s haircut. She says her first haircut was an undercut. Later, they show her her Haircut journey by collaging three different hairstyles of hers. All the judges have their own opinions on it.


Ujjwala doesn’t has Sakshi’s back

All the judges are discussing about the skills that Sakshi knows. She knows Judo, Kick Boxing, Kathak etc. Sakshi seems to be very nervous. Ujjwala Raut directly comes to the point and tells her she wants to know what she has done as a Supermodel apart from all this.


Anushka’s Inspiring Journey

The judges put up a Plus Size photo of hers. They ask her about her journey. She tells them that she used to work as a plus size model. But her agency people and all other people used to let her down. They used to make fun of her. Anushka, to maintain her self-respect, stopped working with them and got determined and focused to work a way out in life.

DJ Bravo’s in the House

The Models have to shoot for a zipline internet service. Milind and Ujjwala guide them as they shoot for it. Some of the models did it with ease, while others were a bit nervous. DJ Bravo is on the runway to have some fun, promote his new song. He dances with Malaika on his favourite steps.


Malaika-Milind Argue

The contestants had to do a photoshoot with Milind Soman. We see how Masaba comments on a particular picture. Milind shows his kind side but Malaika reveals that he didn’t like any pictures back during their discussion. Malaika questions him over this behavior, to which he says he is just being kind.


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