MTV Splitsvilla 13 29th Episode 18th September: Semi Final Task, Ideal Match, Double Elimination Dome Session Updates!

Splitsvilla 13 episode 29 elimination ideal match dome session vote out

MTV Splitsvilla X3 returns this weekend for a suspense-filled dome session. As MTV Splitsvilla 13 crawls towards the finale, there are shocking twists in episode 29’s dome session. As one pair will exit their Splitsvilla journey this week, two contestants will face elimination in the suspense filled dome session. The Semi-final task will be crucial to decide who will enter the dumping zone this weekend.

The Boombam gang loses a wing as Jay and Aditi entered the Silver Villa. However, there are lesser chances for their elimination. However, a shocking twist awaits in this weekend’s dome session. After a stellar performance in last weekend’s task, the BoomBam gang looks forward to a promising dome session.

Splitsvilla X3 Semi-Finals Task Highlights – 29th Episode on 18th September

There are discussions in the Silver Villa about who should be sent to the oracle this weekend. This decision will be crucial in deciding the fate of the double elimination is Splitsvilla X3.

Kevin and Kat enter the dumping zone for the first time in this edition of Splitsvilla. However, danger lurks around the following four contestant couples:

  • Jay and Aditi
  • Samrudhhi and Trevon
  • Piyush and Avantika
  • Kevin and Kat

According to reports, Kevin and Kat are eliminated from the dome session of Splitsvilla X3. However, they will not enter the Wild Villa competition. There is also an announcement from Rann Vijay that there will not be any more wildcard entries. Kevin was supposedly disqualified. Kat wishes to leave with Kevin.

However, the limelight shifted on the task performances. Kat and Kevin won the task but Jay and Aditi came second.

Dhruv won the ‘Reels challenge’ and hence, he chooses the couple to face the oracle this week. If the couple he chooses doesn’t become the ideal match, they will be eliminated.

Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Match Updates

Nikhil and Bhoomika become the ideal match last week in Splitsvilla 13. Trevon and Samruddhi face the oracle as per Dhruv’s choice. However, they failed to become the ideal match.

Splitsvilla 13 Wildcard Entries

Four contestants of Wild Villa will graduate to enter Splitsvilla X3 last week. Out of the four, three contestants were eliminated from Splitsvilla 13. However, this is good news for Nikita as her pair Samarthya and friend Samruddhi reenter the show. The return of Avantika will add some spice to the villa. It is expected that Avantika will join the Boombam gang.

  • Samarthya
  • Samruddhi
  • Avantika
  • Piyush

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination Updates

Ten contestants were eliminated from Splitsvilla 13 so far. However, Arushi was eliminated last week. Four weeks ago, Nikita and Samarthya became compatible matches. As a result, there will be a double elimination in the next week’s dome session (29th episode).

Samarthya and Nikita were eliminated in the last dome session.

  • Azma Fallah
  • Shwetha Nair
  • Devashish
  • Janvi
  • Riya
  • Samruddhi(Returns as a wildcard)
  • Gary
  • Avantika(Returns as a wildcard)
  • Samarthya (Returns as a wildcard)
  • Arushi
  • Nikita and Samarthya
  • Kevin and Kat (disqualified and WO)
  • Trevon and Samruddhi


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