MTV Splitsvilla 13 20th Episode 16th July: New Ideal Match in Dome Session, Double Elimination!

Splitsvilla X3 episode 20 ideal match vote out elimination this week

MTV Splitsvilla 13 is back this weekend with an adrenaline-pumping episode. After a sensational episode last week between Golden Opportunity task contenders. However, the dome session in this week’s Splitsvilla X3 episode will seal the fate of one male and a female contestant. The intense drama will grip the audience as another ‘ideal match’ will be announced this week.

The 20th episode of Splitsvilla sees the potential cracks in Kevin’s group. Nikita prioritizes her vengeance over Avantika as she saves Pallak in the process. While most of the ‘Boombam gang’ fans were worried about Shivam and Pallak’s exit, the opposite is all set to happen. The game is on in MTV Splitsvilla X3!

Splitsvilla X3 Dome Session Highlights – 20th Episode on 16th July

Nikita and Samarthya stand their ground as Kevin advises the winners of last week’s task. The dome session looks promising as the stage is set for a double elimination this week. As the hosts, RannVijay and Sunny Leone announce the double-elimination, Shivam and Pallak look worried.

However, an epic twist in the tale guarantees the core couple of the ‘Boombam gang’ some respite this week. Avantika’s broken friendship with Nikita costs her dearly as she pulls Gary along with her.

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination This Week in Dome Session

  • Gary Lu
  • Avantika

Splitsvilla 13 Compatible/Ideal Match Updates

Nikita and Samarthya take a stroll down to the oracle. However, the couple takes a huge risk in the first week after the closure of the silver side of the oracle. Risking their consequences, Nikita and Samarthya take the oracle test.

However, the couple is declared as an ideal match. Nikita and Samarthya are the third ideal match of Splitsvilla X3.

Splitsvilla 13 Double Elimination Updates

Six contestants were eliminated from Splitsvilla 13 so far. However, no contestants were eliminated last week in the last two weeks. As a result, there will be a double elimination in the next week’s dome session (20th episode).

Gary and Avantika will be eliminated in the next dome session and they will enter the Wild Villa. However, this will be a big blow to Kevin’s gang.

  • Azma Fallah
  • Shwetha Nair
  • Devashish
  • Janvi
  • Riya
  • Samruddhi
  • Gary
  • Avantika


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