MTV Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale Episode Written Update: Shrey and Priyamvada Emerge as Winners!


Splitsvilla 12 is now at its final stage. The stage is set for The Grand Finale. Both the couples have crawled their way towards the Final. Ashish & Miesha and Shrey & Priyamvada are the finalist. Today, we shall know who is the ultimate King & Queen of Splitsvilla 12.

Last Episode, we saw how Alfez and Aradhna won against Piyush and Arshiya to claim their place in the Semi Finals. Later in the first bout of the Semi Finals, Ashish & Miesha defeated Alfez & Aradhna to reach the Finals. The Chosen Ones chose their opponents in Shrey & Priyamvada. The Chosen Ones, Uday & Bhavya were defeated convincingly by them. They too advanced to Finals. It’s all set now.

Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale – Love is in the Air in the Villa

It was the last morning of Splitsvilla. Shrey and Priyamvada share a romantic moment. They discuss strategy in a casual way. Priyamvada says that there is a true connection and no one can come between them.

Ashish brings coffee for Miesha. She discusses her journey with Ashish. They both go for a date. They share some romantic moments. Ashish raps a song for her and they seem confident enough to win the show. They both seem to like each other’s company.

Shrey & Priyamvada also go on a romantic date. They both discuss their journey till now. Priyamvada regrets that she tried to create a bond with others. They recollect the memories. They both recollect the day when she confessed her feelings for Shrey and he too chose her. Their journey has been magical. They are the lovey dovey couple of Splitsvilla 12. They too seem confident to win the show. Shrey promises her to be with her after the show and Priyamvada gets a bit emotional about that.

Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale Task

The stage is set for the Grand Finale. Rannvijay and Sunny greet the Finalists. The task location seems to be very complex. Both the finalists are feeling the jitters. Both the couples are ready for the finals.

Rannvijay explains the task. The girls will have to write 10 things about their partner which he likes. They had to write on a tile and they have to throw it down in a box. The boys shall collect it.The girls will have to collect the Domino pieces on the big plus signs. The boys will be on the swings below. They have to collect the tiles without touching their feet on the ground. This is the first stage.

Second Stage, they have to solve a puzzle by making popular hashtags. In the third stage, they have to decode 5 clues which were Bollywood movies in English which they had to decode in Hindi. Then they have to handle a pole between both of them through an obstacle course and take the domino across.In the fourth stage, they have to reveal the Dominos which will be Splitsvilla X2. The boys have to carry the girls in any way and their feet should not touch the ground. In total, they had to collect 10 Dominos.

Sambhav is selected mutually to select who shall go first. Shrey & Priyamvada will go first. Ashish & Miesha shall go second.

Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale Task Performances 

Both of them perform calm and composed. She throws three tiles out of 4. Priyamvada completes the first stage. Shrey takes the tiles out. First stage gets over. Shrey along with the dominos picks Priyamvada. They go towards the Second Stage. They have 6 minutes to perform this. They fail to make any Hashtags. They perform poorly in Stage 2.

They move towards Stage 3. Rannvijay hands them 5 clues. They peform well in this stage decoding the clues. Shrey cheer ups Priyamvada during this stage. They reveal Splitsvilla X2 perfectly. Overall,they performed their task very good.

Ashish & Miesha were next to perform. Ashish directs about how to throw the domino. Miesha does it her own way. The other contestants cheer up Ashish. Miesha pleads Ashish not to swing so much. Miesha misses the second Domino. Miesha struggles to put the Dominos in the box. Rannvijay tries to cheer up Miesha. She is seen struggling with the wooden planks. Ashish bucks himself up. They complete the first stage.

He carries Miesha on his back and moves towards the Stage 2. They figure out BAE hashtag. They make the first hashtag. Second hashtag they make is OTP. They make all three hashtags.

In the third stage, they decode the first two clues very well. They were performing the task very well. They were very well coordinated. They move towards the last stage.

They arrange the blocks well. But they miss the last X2 block to fall. They again rearrange and complete the task.

Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale Task Result

Rannvijay announces that there is difference of 26 seconds between the timings of the tasks that the couples performed. Miesha gives two wrong answer in First Stage. It cost them 30 seconds extra. Priyamvada gives one answer wrong in the First Stage. It costs them 15 seconds.

The losing time is 21 minutes 32 seconds and the winning time is 21minutes 6 seconds.

 Winners of Splitsvilla X2 are Shrey & Priyamvada.






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