MTV Roadies Revolution Grand Finale: Top 3 Finalists and Winner Revealed!

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MTV Roadies Revolution will draw curtains with a gripping ‘Grand finale’ episode after the adrenaline pumping ‘Semifinals task’ last week. There were multiple twists that saw the entry of including the announcement of the first finalist, Hamid. However, a shocking twist in the tale ensured a ‘Semi-Finals Task’ between the deserving contestants.

The reality show concludes this week and the major highlight will be the announcement of the winner of MTV Roadies Revolution. Jayant and Micheal were the semi-finalists who got added to the competing list for the upcoming episode. However, the major buzz is around the enthralling finale task.

Roadies Revolution Grand Finale Episode: Finals Task Updates

Roadies Revolution stumped the audience with the reentry of Arushi Chawla and Aman last week. The semi-finals task featured a two-member battle. There are high chances of exhilarating twists in the upcoming episode in which the finalists of MTV Roadies Revolution will compete in an excruciating task.

Hamid, Jayant, and Micheal will sweat it out in the finale task to become the winner of the MTV Roadies Revolution. The latest promo of MTV Roadies Revolution shows the intense fight from Micheal in the finals. Arushi was expected to make it to the finals but she fell short.

MTV Roadies Revolution Winner

Hamid Barkji is the winner of Roadies Revolution 2020.

MTV Roadies Revolution Finalists

  • Hamid
  • Akash
  • Jayant Yadav

MTV Roadies Revolution First Finalist 

Hamid Barkji is the first finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution Second Finalist

Jayant is the second finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution Third Finalist

Micheal is the third finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution Semi-Finalists

  • Abhimanyu Singh – Team Neha
  • Poonam Shah – Team Neha
  • Vipin Kumar – Team Varun
  • Jayant Yadav – Team Varun
  • Akash Verma – Team Prince
  • Micheal Ajay – Team Nikhil
  • Hamid Barkji – Team Nikhil

MTV Roadies Revolution Winner

According to reports, Hamid Barkzi is the winner of MTV Roadies Revolution. However, it is essential to wait until the Grand finale episode of MTV Roadies Revolution to confirm the same.



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