MTV Roadies Revolution Ticket to Finale Task Winner Predictions, Vote Out Updates!

roadies revolution 2nd january ticket to finale task winner

MTV Roadies Revolution returns with a gripping episode after the heartbreaking eviction of  Nisha and Apoorva last week. Akash and Jayant were the contestants who were on the verge of the vote out last week. However, the limelight is on the MTV Roadies Revolution ‘Ticket to Finale’ task in which gang leaders will perform with the captains.

The reality show progresses this week and the major highlight will be speculations around the double vote out. Gang leaders Prince, Nikhil, and Varun will perform in this week’s Roadies Revolution episode. However, the major buzz is around the suspense around two eliminations for this week.

MTV Roadies Revolution Ticket To Finale Task Highlights and Winner Predictions – December 2nd, 2020

This week’s episode will feature an interesting ‘Ticket to Finale’ task and only three contestants will perform in it. According to the promo released by MTV Roadies Revolution, gang leader Prince Narula will perform for Hamid. Varun Sood will perform for Jayant and Nikhil will perform for Micheal.

According to reports, Hamid might be the winner of the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task. Hence, Hamid will be the first finalist of the MTV Roadies Revolution.

  • Prince Narula Performs for Hamid
  • Varun Sood Performs for Jayant
  • Nikhil Chinappa Performs for Micheal

The task will involve a catapult and the contestants with the best precision and accuracy will have an edge over the rest of the contenders. The ‘ticket to finale’ could be a decisive step for the future of these three contestants. The vote outs will be brutal and there are high chances of multiple double vote outs in the upcoming weeks.

MTV Roadies Revolution Double Vote Out Predictions

There are high chances of a double vote out in this week’s Roadies Revolution episode. Three contestants are in danger of vote out and two out of the three might be eliminated. There could be a potential twist where gang leader Prince Narula might sacrifice a star to save one of the contestants (as seen in the promo).

The three contestants in danger of the double vote out this week are:

  • Abhimanyu
  • Zabi
  • Shreya

MTV Roadies Revolution Leaderboard – 34th Episode

  • Nikhil Chinapa: 4 Stars
  • Varun Sood: 3 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia: 1 Star

MTV Roadies Revolution is telecasted on Saturdays at 7PM IST on MTV India. Voot Select subscribers have the privilege to view the latest Roadies Revolution episode 24 hours before the telecast on television.


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