MTV Roadies Revolution 14th March Written Update: First day of auditions in Chandigarh is filled with action, humor, drama and dancing!


As we have seen in the last week the auditions in Pune have come to an end. The search for MTV Roadies revolutionaries reaches the city of Chandigarh. Let’s have a look at all that took place on day 1 of Chandigarh auditions.

Playing a guitar backward!

There is a contestant who is seen playing the guitar placing it on his neck and ergo actually playing backward. He is playing the guitar while singing Pani da rang vekh ke. The captains look quite pleased with him especially captain Prince.

Raftaar wins hearts!

In the promo, we can see a contestant talking about a project he is working on. Something about wrapping neon bands around the neck, the same bands which are used on vehicles. He concludes saying he has no financial backer as who would like to fund such projects? To which Raftaar immediately raises his hand saying he will fund the project.

A love doctor on the show!

There is a duo of contestants whom Captain Neha questions as to who among them is a doctor? One among them says he is a doctor. Neha then says she is suffering from a headache. The contestant answers that her headache will immediately lessen on hearing him play. To which Neha counters saying do you play guitar for your patients instead of treating them? He says he talks to them nicely and thus half of their worries are resolved. Judge Rannvijay then calls him a love doctor!

Roadies Revolution says no to bullying!

Captain Nikhil is seen telling Neha, that people don’t stress on it much. There are also cases of girls bullying girls and boys bullying boys which needs to be stopped. Nikhil further urges viewers to stop bullying people who are different.

A brave daughter takes a stand for her mother.

A contestant shares her story saying her father got married to her mother lying that he had a job while he did not. 2-3 months after the wedding her mother got to know about her father not having a job. Which led to a strained relationship. Once her father pushed her mother resulting in her breaking two front teeth. It was the day the daughter took a stand for her mother and asked her father to leave and not show up again. Judge Rannvijay praised the girl for taking a stand for her mother and applauded her courage.

Raftaar grooves to the music!

Raftaar is seen performing with a contestant and his performance tops of all charts!





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