MTV Ace Of Space 2 Grand Finale 2019 Winner: The Battle is Between Salman Zaidi vs Baseer Ali For The Title Winner Position? Vote Now!


Ace of Space Season 2 is entering a very critical phase in the competition. Ace to Space 2 is hosted by Vikas Gupta and kicked off with 24 contestants in this season. Ace to Space 2 will run for 72 days this season. The grand finale is scheduled to take place this weekend for Ace of Space 2 .

MTV Ace of Space 2 Grand Finale Date

The grand finale of MTV Ace of Space 2 is scheduled to be held on November 2nd 2019.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner 

The Winner of MTV Ace of Space was Divya Agarwal. However, Baseer is likely to be the winner of MTV Ace of Space 2.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Runner-Up

Salman Zaidi is likely to be the runner of MTV Ace of Space Season 2.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Semi Finalists

Mumbai based Yash Rajput was the first official semi-finalist of MTV Ace of Space 2. Yash earned his way to the semifinals after winning the Out of the box task. With strong contenders like Deepak Thakur, Salman Zaidi, Luv Tyagi yet to make the cut to the semifinals, the shy lad fought his way into the semis which shocked many.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Finalists and Ticket to Finale Winner

Few days ago, MTV Ace of Space 2 got its first ticket to finale winner. The first finalist of MTV Ace of Space 2 was none other Baseer Ali, Hyderabad’s popular kid who is making heads turn with her performances in this season of MTV Ace of Space 2. Baseer Ali has a notable fan base and his relationship with Australian model Lucinda Nicholas was in the news.

Basheer’s mother was elated with her sons victory. She said, ” I am very proud of the way Baseer has played his game. He has played with all his heart, mind and soul. I am very proud of him that he has maintained dignity all along and has changed for the better as a human being. He not only deserves to be in the finale but also win the game.”

Ace of Space 2 Winner Voting – Who Will Win the Ace of Space Season 2?

The fight for the title is predominantly between Salman Zaidi and Baseer Ali. The showdown to the finale can’t get any better with Baseer’s victory in the ticket to finale. The fans of Salman and Baseer are trending hashtags in favor of their respective contestants. It would be interesting to see which deserving contestant wins the title of Ace of Space 2.


Who Will Win Ace of Space 2?

Salman Zaidi
Baseer Ali



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