MTV Ace Of Space 2 Grand Finale 2019 Winner Leaked: Who is the Winner of the Reality Show?


Ace of Space Season 2 is entering a very critical phase in the competition. Ace to Space 2 is hosted by Vikas Gupta and kicked off with 24 contestants in this season. Ace to Space 2 will run for 72 days this season.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Grand Finale Date

The grand finale of MTV Ace of Space 2 is scheduled to be held on November 2nd 2019.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner 

The Winner of MTV Ace of Space was Divya Agarwal. However, Baseer is likely to be the winner of MTV Ace of Space 2.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Runner-Up

Salman Zaidi is likely to be the runner of MTV Ace of Space Season 2

MTV Ace of Space 2 Semi Finalists

Mumbai based Yash Rajput was the first official semi-finalist of MTV Ace of Space 2. Yash earned his way to the semifinals after winning the Out of the box task. With strong contenders like Deepak Thakur, Salman Zaidi, Luv Tyagi yet to make the cut to the semifinals, the shy lad fought his way into the semis which shocked many.

This is what mastermind Vikas had to say after Yash’s entry to the semis, “”This is one of the most surprising entries into the semi-finals and what is also exciting is that the boy had always been a non-performer and it has been the last three weeks that his game picked up so beautifully that he has actually beaten everyone else from the top players to reach to the semi-finals. It’s just not about following, he has the least following on social media and yet he is the first one to enter the semi-finals. It’s brilliant.”

Ace of Space season 2 Prize Money 

The prize money and winner prizes are yet to be announced for Ace of Space 2.

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