Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai Season 3 May 16th Episode: Elimination Updates, My Dear Machan Round Winner!

mr and mrs chinnathirai season 3 elimination my dear machan round winner

Star Vijay’s entertaining couple based reality show, ‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3 returns this weekend with a promising episode. Last week’s episode witnessed the disappointing elimination of Ajay and Anandhi. The remaining couples will compete in the ‘My Dear Machan’ round which will decide the fate of the second elimination this week.

The hosts Makapa and Archana are doing a phenomenal job this season. However, the judges Divydarshini and Neeya Naana Gopinath will have a tough time in deciding who will be the winner and second elimination of ‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3.

‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3 May 16th Episode Highlights

‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3 will feature the ‘My Dear Machan’ round this weekend. The wives have a tough time as the competition toughens. The husbands are suspended by a rope and for every wrong answer of their wife, they will suspended in air. It will be interesting to see which couple will emerge as the winner of My Dear Machan round this weekend.

‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3 Eliminations

  • Ajay and Anandhi

‘Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai’ Season 3 Contestants List

  • Shankar and Deepa
    Sarath and Krithika
  • Yuvaraj and Gayathri
  • Rajmohan and Kavitha
  • Vinoth and Aishwarya
  • Velmurugan and Kala
  • Gopi and Haritha
  • Diwakar and Abhinaya
  • Manikandan and Sofia
  • Jack and Roshini
  • Yogesh and Nandhini





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