Mohan Vaidya Is the Third Eviction of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, The News Crunch was the First to Report the Eviction!


As predicted by our sources, Mohan Vaidya is the third elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 after Fathima Babu and Vanitha Vijayakumar.

The Power of Audience Evicts Mohan Vaidya?

Though Mohan Vaidya received just two votes from his fellow contestants, the votes of audience is what really brought Mohan Vaidya down. His attitude and uninvited frustration was not ignored by the audience who seem to be exercising their power in a very tactical way in this season.

The Third Week Elimination Suspense Decoded

Saravanan was saved yet again by the audience and he is probably the biggest fighter of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Meera Mithun scraped through this week’s elimination yet again and there was a clown in the Bigg Boss House who revealed that she was safe this week. There were speculations aplenty about her probable eviction as well, thanks to her anticipatory bail application.

With Saravanan and Meera safe, Abirami was also granted safety by the host, Kamal Haasan. An ever emotional Abirami let out her tears yet again and this left Cheran and Mohan Vaidya as the final two facing elimination.

Mohan Vaidya expression his frustration at his fellow contestants as Cheran tried to calm him down. However, the announcement of eviction did not work in Mohan Vaidya’s frustration and it aided in adding fuel to the fire.

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