Model Vishal Raj in Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu as a contestant?

bigg boss 6 telugu vishal raj

Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu is going to start soon. It is known that this show which has already successfully completed five seasons in Telugu, Bigg Boss Non-Stop has also ended recently.

If this is the case, Bigg Boss fans eagerly await when Bigg Boss season 6 will start. Vishal Raj, a popular model is going to enter the Bigg Boss house. But so far, he has acted in ads for companies all over the country.

If this is the case, Vishal Raj, six feet tall and well-built, will be sent into the house.

But many people do not know about him. Many people have not even seen him before. However, it is not known where he came from, but it is reported that he will enter the Bigg Boss house. A person can be said to sweat.

Many people started searching for him after knowing his name. And to know the truth in this news, we must wait a few more days. If this news is true on social media, then Vishal Raj will win every time in the physical task. Who will enter the Bigg Boss house this time if this is the case? Bigg Boss lovers are eagerly waiting to know the contents.


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