Mind the Malhotras is the new Quirky Entertainer ready to woo the Viewers


The stereotypical family drama shows are an inevitable part of everyone’s childhood in India. A new family show that will break your conception of daily soap drama is ready to be released on the 7th of June on Amazon Prime. ‘Mind the Malhotras’ claims to be the new entertainer with whacky Sanskar and shocking Vichar. The trailer of the online series dropped on the 27th of May. In the trailer we can see a couple, Rishab and Shefali Malhotra, having marriage issues and the fear of divorce. The trailer super hilarious. Both the parents have unpredictable approach to parenthood. The dynamics between the couple and the three children throws light on modern themes and social issues. The show has much more in store.

A New Angle to ‘Desi-parivar’

Like every family there the ‘tu-tu-mai-mai’ of the Malhotras has put them into a lot of trouble. In order to save the marriage, they consult a therapist whose suggestions will leave you awestruck. Like every family there are quite a few aspects of the Malhotras that you can relate with. There is a lot of fumbling and forgetting when it comes to important dates. The stint parent who has a balance sheet for everything in mind. Kids and their unexpected answers to some of the very serious questions threatens the soul inside out. Last and the most common is the awkward adulthood conversations. All these interesting moments make the series all the more realistic for the viewers.

The Perfect Couple

While the trailer shows the couple in crisis, they are highly regarded and loved on the social media. The leads of the show are Cyrus Sahukar as Rishab Malhotra and Mini Mathur as Shefali Malhotra. The amazing comic timing and cute banters between them is creating a lot of buzz for the series. Denzil Smith is playing the role of the therapist. Sushmita Mukherjee will be the sassy ‘Sasu Maa’ in the series. Many other interesting characters have nuanced the flavours of the series by their presence. The series is directed by Sahil Sangha.

Mind The Malhotras Amazon Prime


Sab Theek Hai (?)

The answer for “Why this caption?” is present in the trailer. Click on the image to check that out. The series is looking as a blend of great cast and entertaining storyline. Like the other famous series of Amazon Prime, this series has real potential. The best part about the series is that it attracts viewers from every age group. One can relate to different characters and real life instances through this series. The unique ways of the couple to deal with daily life problems is the real gem. Dia Mirza, who is the producer of this series, expressed her love and excitement for the series on twitter. You can find the series online from the 7th of June.


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