Mika Singh Performs At A Royal Pakistani wedding, Sparks Outrage


In the wake of escalating tensions between Indian and Pakistani forces, cultural ties and trade exchanges are at an all time low.

Despite this, popular Indian singer and musician Mika singh performed at the Royal wedding of General Pervez Musharraf’s relative. This incident sparked outrage on both sides of the border considering the prevailing situation.

A 30 second video was leaked by Pakistani journalist during Mika’s performance in Karachi on August 8th. Mika Singh and his 14 member troupe received a 30 day visa to perform in three cities – Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Twitter Explodes Post Video Leak

Netizens exploded with anger and disgust blaming Mika Singh and the Pakistani top brass of being insensitive. Here are some of the responses from citizens of India and pakistan.

“A traitor may not have been spotted in Pak; but u’ve brought one to the notice of Indian Tweeple, now!” wrote a user. “@MikaSingh paji aap bhi gaddar nikle? Itna kuch diya is desh ki mitti ne…” tweeted a disgruntled user. Another wrote: “Oye Mika tune de diya dhoka..shame.” Many felt Mika’s attitude was symptomatic of the world of showbiz. “This is the truth about Indian singers and actors… they dont care about the nation as long as money is coming in their already over flowing coffers… I mean how come their heart allows them to go to Pak,” tweeted a user.Another user asked for a boycott of Mika: “Indshould boycott @MikaSingh as he goes and performs at Kargil war accused General Musharraf’s family wedding. Shameful and disgusting.” A few complained to Mika’s elder brother, singer Daler Mehndi. “@dalermehndi your brother is a traitor who for the sake of money went to Karachi to celebrate mehndi of a relative of Musharraf!! A beast who backstabbed India and was responsible for the killing of young and old army officers and jawans,” wrote a Mehndi fan. Pakistani users were angry, too. “A moment for the government to drown itself in shame, stupid, unacceptable and moronic behavior on #Kashmir issue, why allowed the Indian singer when you were advocating to cut off cultural ties? Because it was Army’s wish?” wrote a Pakistani user.



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