Meera Mithun joins a national political party, here are the details

Meera Mithun political party

Mira Mithun is directing and starring in her autobiography. Meera Mithun released the teaser of the film titled ‘En Peyar Tamil Selvi.’ Speaking at the time, she said she was joining a national party, and an announcement would be made soon.

Whether there will be any problems when she is involved in party work as she is from the modeling field, Meera Mithun replied that I am with the party, which gives me complete freedom about my work. Meera Mithun said that Rajinikanth has only been saying that he has been starting the party for 25 years and that she will considering joining it after he officially starts the party.

Meera Mithun is already criticized for her abusive comments on Tamil heroes like Surya, Thalapathy Vijay, and Ajith.


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