Masterchef Tamil Elimination: Double Elimination this week, Immunity Winner?


Sun TV’s gripping cooking reality show is back this weekend with an exquisite set of challenges for the contestants. The top 11 contestants will battle it out in an intense week which will feature a double-elimination. The host Vijay Sethupathi will welcome the special guest, Nikki Galrani for this weekend’s episodes.

Masterchef Tamil’s promising contestant, Sasi was eliminated from the show. The journey of Masterchef Tamil ended for Shashi on a disappointing note. The host Vijay Sethupathi and judges look forward to fine cooking this weekend ahead of the fourth-week episodes.

According to reports, the fourth and fifth elimination of Masterchef Tamil will take place this week. Hence, the limelight falls on the bottom-placed contestants and winners of the immunity challenge this week.

Masterchef Tamil Elimination Updates

Sunitha and Sumithra were among the bottom-placed contestants last week. However, the elimination challenge will feature multiple eliminations this week. As a result of the scores of the three judges, who will be a part of the double-elimination of Masterchef Tamil this week.

Masterchef Tamil Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Age Status
1 Aarthi Satheesh 32 Competing
2 Krithika Sivanesan 39 Competing
3 Dr. Nithya Franklyn 47 Competing
4 Kritaj Ashok Kumar 28 Competing
5 Mariam Shazia Shah 24 Competing
6 Selva Sunitha 32 Competing
7 Nausheen Yusuf 23 Competing
8 Sumitra Rajesh 38 Competing
9 Devaki Vijayaraman 28 Competing
10 Sasi G. 62 Eliminated
11 Vinny Shukla 37 Competing
12 Manikandan 38 Competing
13 Tara Rhine 58 Eliminated
14 Shasi Anand Sridharan 33 Eliminated
(15th August 2021)


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