Masterchef Tamil Contestants List: Final List of Contestants Revealed on Grand Premiere!


The much awaited cooking reality show, MasterChef Tamil premiered on Sun TV on the 7th of August 2021. The stunning MasterChef Tamil kitchen welcomed its judges, Chef Harish,  Aarthi Sampath, and Koushik S. The three judges set their expectations clear ahead of the first cook to get the coveted ‘MasterChef apron’.

Twenty four contestants were in fray for the ‘MasterChef apron’. The first cook saw an intense battle between the home cooks for winning their dream entry into MasterChef Tamil. However, the time of forty five minutes added to the pressure. The host Vijay Sethupathi added to the adrenaline pumping atmosphere in the scintillating kitchen.

The buzz around the confirmed contestants list of Masterchef Tamil increased as the first episode was telecasted on the 7th of August 2021. The promising reality show will feature 20 contestants who will compete to become the first title winner of Masterchef Tamil. The cooking reality show will feature twenty episodes.

Masterchef Tamil Contestants List

  • Sumithra
  • Revathi
  • Sasi G
  • Devaki
  • Vishwa Sundar
  • Nithya Franklin
  • Sashi Anand Sridhar
  • Sazhiya
  • Jaysree Balaji
  • Kiruthaj
  • Sengutuvan
  • Sunitha
  • Mugil
  • Tara

Masterchef Tamil 1st Episode Highlights: 7th August 2021

Aarthi Satheesh featured a very impressive fish dish. She overcame her initial hiccups to provide a dish which gained accolades from all three judges. Four contestants faced the first tough decision.

  • Krithika, Manikandan, Aarti and Abu were the first ones to face the judges. However, Krithika was the first contestant to be selected. Aarthi was the second contestant to be selected.
  • Dr. Nithya Fernandes’ prawn dish earned her the apron. Hence, Nithya was the third contestant of Masterchef Tamil.

Masterchef Tamil Eliminations

The eliminations of MasterChef Tamil will commence from next week. The contestants will go through a series of immunity rounds and elimination challenges.


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