Masterchef Australia Season 13 Elimination: Second Grand Finalist, Winner Predictions?


Masterchef Australia Season 13 inches towards an epic final week. After a flurry of shocking eliminations, Masterchef Australia Season 13 crowned its first ‘grand’ finalist. Kishwar, Pete, Elise and Justin competed in a vital challenge that could decide the fate of their future in Masterchef Australia Season 13. However, the battle of the top 4 resulted in the conclusion of determining the first entry to the Masterchef Australia Season 13 finals.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Gemstone Affinity Duel Immunity Challenge Winner

The epic task on Masterchef Australia Season 13 was one of the toughest so far. After waging a battle of sorts, the top 4 geared up to go all guns blazing. With the first grand finalist spot at stake, Elise and Justin got knocked out of the race. However, Pete and Kishwar entered the top two.

At the end of the duel, Pete emerged victoriously. Hence, Pete is crowned as the first finalist of Masterchef Australia Season 13.

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Masterchef Australia Season 13 Elimination Challenge

The upcoming elimination challenge on Masterchef Australia Season 13 will be the most intense and disappointing one for one of the top four contestants. Masterchef Australia Season 13 will feature Kishwar, Justin and Elise in a fiery face-off. However, one of the three contestants will be going home.

There are high chances of Elise or Kishwar going home this weekend as the elimination.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Winner Predictions

Though it is early to predict, Masterchef Australia Season 13 winner will be Justin Narayan. However, the official confirmation will be revealed after the finale cooking. However, the odds are in favor of the Indo-Fiji origin lad.




  1. I think the original judges did more to teach on the early rounds of the competition. These judges are essentially time keepers and paraphrase whatever the contestants say. The food semantic comments from one make mo sense most of the time. I think more credibility should be given to contestants who show the ability to cook diverse cuisines and not keep going back to their cultural background cuisine at the drop of a hat. I have personally lost interest in this competition. I really loved the teaching from the original trio of judges.

    • Thank you Inex. I do believe in that 100%. This is Masterchef Australia, not Masterchef India, Bengali or any other country. They should know to cook all kinds of food from all over the world.

    • I am happy I am not the only one who feels this way. I miss the original judges and am having a difficult time adjusting to these new ones. This could be the last one that I watch.

  2. I do agree what they saying it is nice that they cook the food of their background and showing the Australian people their food. But it is MasterChef they should be able to cook all types of food not just their food. They not really showing what they can cook.they are staying what they know ,not going outside the box. Only one l can see is Pete he can cook all different food and interesting food.


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