Love today OTT release date: Satellite Rights and Digital Streaming Partner?


Love today is a movie that was released in the Tamil language for the audiences to watch! It was released on the 4th of November, 2022, for fans to watch in theatres. Audiences have already showered the movie with a lot of love and appreciation and now, it is all set for the OTT release! 

The film, “love today” is a whole package of comedy and drama to serve the audiences. Love today was made in approximately 18 crores and it is performing as a hit in the theatres. With so many good things going on with the release of this movie, the makers have decided to release it on Netflix too! And now, love today fans are waiting eagerly to know everything related to the release of love today on the OTT platform. So, we are here with a write-up to assist the fans to know the latest update regarding this. 

Love Today OTT Release Date

Love today OTT release will be on Netflix . However, there is no official statement from the sides of makers regarding the release date on the OTT platform. Fans can expect to get the release date around the start of the new year or even at the end of this year, 2022! 

Love Today OTT Streaming Rights Partner

Netflix is the one to be the OTT streaming rights partner for love today. They are the ones responsible for the release on the only OTT platform. It will not be released on any other OTT platform except Netflix!

Makers of love today will officially let everyone know the date of release on Netflix and then at that date, audiences will be able to watch it! Before watching it, the audience must have a subscription to Netflix, and then only they will be able to watch love today! 

Love Today OTT Satellite Partner 

The OTT satellite partner for love today is SUN TV! It is under them to release love today on the screens. It is considered that SUN TV is also the one responsible for the promotion before it will be released! 

Love Today OTT Release Date – Latest Updates

  •  The date of release on the OTT platform has not been announced officially by the makers.
  • In the theatres, it was released on the 4th of November and doing so well there! 
  • Netflix will be the OTT platform for love today to get released. And any latest news regarding love today OTT release will be updated for the fans to know!



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