Losliya talks about her marriage with Kavin post Bigg Boss, When’re they planning to get married?


Losliya and Kavin were the hottest pairs during Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil and they formed a bond for each-other as the show progressed. They both formed the power couple of this season and dominated on Voting, Kavin’s fanbase and Losliya’s fanbase grew as they fell in love for each other and if Kavin has not walked out of the show, he would have come out as winner with Losliya as runner.

In the end Losliya ended up at no. 3 as there were some negative criticism about her attitude once Kavin left but she is stilled adored by thousands of fans having her own army called Losliya Army. After Bigg Boss she was enquired in an interview about her love and marriage with Kavin. Here’s what she has to say about it. Her parents are yet to accept their love and this was clearly evident during the episode when her father entered Bigg Boss house, finally Losliya had to cry and convince them to play this game. Her father advised her to concentrate on her career and not to get carried away by infatuations.

When is Losliya Kavin marriage?
Losliya believes that her parents can be convinced as they themselves had love marriage and she grew up learning about their love stories. So she is confident of projecting Kavin in a good way for her marriage. So the couple have decided to wait for their parent’s approval for marriage. But their love is going strong and this shows they were not faking it just for the show. What do you think about this couple, comment below.


  1. Kavin & Loslyia are the real winners.
    They are genuine and Frank.
    They make a good pair. Made for each other. Poramai piditha haters get lost.

  2. Such a lovely couple and both have a lot similar qualities. Both will be leading good life if they are together. I am sure losliya’s parents would have found by now what their daughter needs and likes. Forcing her to leave KAvin won’t give her good life. Both are so genuine. Losliya would haven’t last this long inside the house if KAvin wasn’t there to support her.

  3. Loselita doesn’t deserve kavin as he seems to be not fit for loseliya. Kavin behaviour not a like open minded guy. We all feel that he is cunning and he expect loseliya has to do whatever he wants and he gives pressure to her.

  4. I agree with uradan.
    I think both x deserve each other.
    He used emotional blackmail in her.
    She is too young n immature to understand that.
    Love is a natural feeling but clinging to each other n Not respecting parents is a No No.
    Esp when there are so many cameras around at least they should bewarevof their actions.
    If losliya becomes a famous actress she will just ignore kavin. Exactly how she ignored her parents n carried on with kavin in bb3

  5. Kavin already betrayed shakshi. Knowing this Lasliya loves him. This is not fair. In Shakshi’s case the total mistake is on Kavin. He betrayed Shakshi as he found Lasliya better. So Kavin is not genuine in love.

  6. Really the both couples want to marry. There lifes will be superb if they marry not fake so genuine.If they not get married please refer me to losliya i will marry her.such a genuine person with no fakeness goot hearted. Kavin also did the same.For me if they marry I’m the 1st person will get happy true love will never fails.dont care about the people what says do whatever u like with genuine one.

  7. Waiting for them to get married
    I want kaviliya to happen
    I really want to know the true status of kavin and Liya
    Thanks to know their relationship is going strong


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